Nissan Motor Co. announced that they launched a new metaverse experience on March 7, celebrating the company’s rich history and importance of safety. The exhibition, called the ‘Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio’, offers visitors the unique opportunity to admire three of Nissan’s most iconic cars throughout their history in an immersive virtual world, combined with interactive safety exhibits.

Three exhibitions

In honor of Nissan’s 90th anniversary, which began in December, the studio is showcasing three legendary models, each presented in a virtually designed environment appropriate to the car’s era. The first exhibition focuses on the Silvia Q S13, a model that is known worldwide as a popular drift car. Visitors can not only admire this historic vehicle, but also learn about the influence of the color of pedestrian clothing on drivers’ perception.

The second exhibition features the Skyline 2000GTX-E, a vehicle particularly known for its popularity within tuning culture and prominent appearance in popular media such as the Gran Turismo video game series and the Fast and Furious film franchise. Here, users can play a mini-game aimed at understanding a driver’s field of vision and the impact of multitasking on safe driving.

The final exhibition transports visitors to the US of the 1950s and 1960s, complete with an environment reminiscent of a classic American diner and drive-in theater, where participants can practice steering wheel controls.

These unique experiences are the result of a collaboration with researchers from Japanese universities and can be accessed via the Meta Quest headset. They join Nissan’s previous Metaverse initiatives, such as the company’s first virtual test drive launched in 2022. In honor of the 90th anniversary, Nissan also renewed four existing Metaverse worlds in December 2023.

The introduction of these new MMetaverse exhibitions comes at a time when augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology continues to mature. For example, the launch of Apple’s first mixed-reality headset in February 2024 has intensified competition in the technology market, with companies like Meta and Microsoft already transitioning to consumer and enterprise adoption of these technologies for a decade.


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