The national representative of the PTS-FITU referred to the adjustment and increases in allowances and salaries by legislators and officials of the national government. “The zero deficit that Milei boasts of achieving is at the expense of cutting pensions. That in that context the diet is increased is obscene to say the least.”

This Saturday, Myriam Bregman stopped by Radio Con Vos, where she chatted with Cata de Elía and Juan Tenembaum. Here we leave you some of the main definitions of the national representative of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda Unidad. Listen to the full interview.

  • “Milei knows that his entire economic program strongly contradicts our ideas and that he is not going to buy us, he is not going to turn us around, we are not going to say one thing on TV when we enter the Chamber of Deputies we say another. The only ones who said that the great diet that Villarruel and Menen had signed was wrong were us.”
  • “The issue of layoffs is starting to get complicated. Those from the State have gained more notoriety, but it is also beginning to be seen in others in other companies. Like for example in GPS, which is outsourced to Airlines. He made 40 layoffs the day after the national strike of aeronautical workers. It is clearly a sanction for the enormous strike that took place in our country, where a plane did not fly.
  • “You can see that when the working class organizes itself with its methods, there is no Patricia Bullrich that can stop you. That day she didn’t fly a plane. They try to start with GPS and then continue with an attack on Airlines, with an attack on the flag line. Here the big absentee is the CGT, the union centers. What is needed is a fighting plan to unify all the claims and not fight separately. The same thing cannot happen again as in 1990. We must unify the demands, we must unify them in a fighting plan and we must all strike together to stop this enormous attack that we are experiencing.”
  • “In Peronism there is a political position in letting Javier Milei do this work of deep adjustment, of reducing salaries, of removing conquests. They have a theory that Milei does all this and then, afterwards, they will always be the lesser evil. It seems perverse to me, but I can’t find any other explanation for the fact that there is no fighting plan, that the fights are not coordinated, that they let absolutely everything run.”
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