“57 channels (and nothing to watch),” sang Bruce Springsteen in the song in his repertoire that has aged most quickly. If he were to re-record it, he should not only raise the number of canales and recognize that there are things to see. It should also add the vast catalogs of the (still) numerous streaming platforms. Or remember that there are rooms cine, where the premieres (still) are counted in dozens weekly. Nothing to see? The problem is rather another: where to start? What to stay with?

We have all seen ourselves in this crisis situation that can even become a visit to the couples therapist: any given night, in front of the screen, what was going to be a night of movie or double chapter ends in endless discussion about whether to try this, try that, see what’s trendy, recover a classic or try to catch up with a series that ends in ten days and whose outcome requires experimenting with the rest of the planet and… In short, the possibilities are endless. Or not so much: “They have already removed [póngase aquí el título de cualquier fenómeno crítico y/o popular reciente] from the billboard,” she says with a dismayed look. The night will end strangely.

With the newsletter ‘What to do‘, whose title could not be more explicit, I want to help avoid those kinds of nights and make it easier to choose between the infinite audiovisual content that tempts us from all kinds of screens. Every Friday you can expect recommendations from cine y series (or, why not, video clips or a dream video game) from the most diverse channels, almost always premieres, but also relevant rescues or unexpected monographs, generally with links from ‘El Periódico’ that allow you to delve deeper into the titles. They will be selections made not by robots, but by this human being. You will have someone to complain to if I ruin a night.

In the same shipment you will also find comments on news, trailers, episodes notable events or curiosities that have taken place in recent days. All to try to bring order to the chaos of current screens. Who’s signing up? You, Bruce, for example?


Source: www.elperiodico.com

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