The Milei Government froze the university budget to 2023, while inflation runs at a rate of 276% annually. This is why the functioning of universities is in danger, as well as research in Science and Technology. Salaries do not stop falling, faced with a loss of 50% of purchasing power in just 3 months, the 6% salary increase granted to one sector of university teaching is a provocation. With the removal of FONID this adjustment is further deepened.

In response to these claims, it is important to denounce the self-adjustment measures that the governing bodies of all blocks are already implementing (Peronists, radicals and non-aligned) in various universities, such as the dismissals of teachers and non-teaching workers at the National University of José C Paz, Jauretche, Córdoba, La Pampa, and tariffs such as at the National University of Tucuman and National University of La Plata.

There are plenty of reasons for the national strike. The entire educational community is in crisis, while high fees and cuts in scholarships for students further hinder access and permanence in public education. That is why This Friday 03/15 from 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in the City of Buenos Aires there will be a new “molinetazo”against high rates, promoted by the Student Commission of Unidxs por la Cultura, neighborhood assemblies, subway workers and student groups referenced in the Left Unity Front.

It is national strikeconvened by the unions that are part of the CGT and CTA, is presented as the first measure of action against Milei’s attack on the Universities.

But this alone is not enough, we need to demand a plan of struggle that contemplates the broadest organization in each academic unit: with General Assemblies, Interclaustros and Interfaculties, setting up base commissions and days of public classes, where we can build the strength to jointly confront the entire Milei chainsaw plan against the workers, demanding from the CGT and the CTA’s, a general strike that unifies all our demands, and a plan of struggle that ends in a general strike to overthrow all the measures of this Government. On this path, we cannot fight alone, and in isolation, just as the union leaders want to impose with strikes by sector, we have to bet on coordination from below, starting to build it with those who are facing adjustment and layoffs; together with the workers of Science and Technology, Télam, GPS-Aerolíneas Argentinas and INCAA, as well as the Neighborhood Assemblies that have been protagonists in the days against the Omnibus Law.


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