Photo: Patricia Bullrich and police officer Luis Chocobar.

This Thursday morning, the Official Gazette confirmed what the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, had announced yesterday: federal forces are enabled to shoot without identifying themselves. Is a trigger-happy invitation that the police of all sectors use, mostly against the youth of the most humble neighborhoods.

The resolution is presented as a regulation of the actions of the repressive forces, maintaining that they are obliged to identify themselves before using their firearms. However, The exceptions that are regulated in article 3 are so many and so broad that they enable actions that are almost completely unpunished. for the troops of those forces.

Thus, among the exceptions is mentioned “when the physical integrity or life of the officials of the federal police and security forces are unduly endangered”; “When the identification would expose the location of a member or more members of the federal police and security forces and this would pose a risk to their life or hinder the protection of the physical integrity or life of third parties”; and “when identification is clearly inadequate or uselessgiven the circumstances of the case.”

This last one, in particular, It is spacious enough to be used in any circumstance. What defines the “uselessness” of identifying? Only the discretion of the police officer himself. Free way to shoot without identifying yourself.

Yesterday Wednesday, Bullrich broadcast a video on his social networks to justify the decision. There he said, among other things, that he did not want “more Chocobar agents, who do things well and end up in court.” This case became widely known. In fact, he even talked about “Chocobar doctrine” as a foundation for trigger-happy.

The event occurred on December 8, 2017, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca. That day, the Buenos Aires Police officer shot Pablo Kukoc in the back. Subsequently, a judicial resolution defined that Chocobar had killed “unnecessarily.”

We must repudiate and confront this trigger-happy endorsement.. This practice enables impunity for police forces and federal forces.


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