At a time when it is known that homelessness has doubled in the country, layoffs are increasing in both the private and public sectors and after months in which the libertarian government has been delaying the delivery of food to soup kitchens, it is learned that the Ministry of Human Capital failed to comply with Judge Casanello’s resolution to report the specific plan for the delivery of food, for which he had given 72 hours.

Among other things, said resolution established the urgency for the delivery of all stored foods, not only those that expire soon, such as the 339 thousand kilos of powdered milk: . There are already dozens of kilos of other foods that are expired in these warehouses, showing once again the result of a policy aimed at starving poor families. Given the non-compliance, the official document that reports on it states that: “There has been no compliance nor has an extension or suspension been requested with respect to the measure ordered in point “II” of the resolution of May 27 of the current year — the presentation of a ‘distribution plan for (stored) food taking into account its type, quantity, expiration date and destination group’ – by the Ministry of Human Capital, despite being notified and after the expiration of the deadline granted for its presentation”.

In addition to the circus raised with the alleged intervention for the distribution of food by the army that was publicized through different media, Petovello fired Pablo de la Torre, who until then held the position of Secretary of Children, Adolescence and Family. However. Beyond kicking the ball and ignoring responsibilities for letting food rot at a time when hunger is growing in the country, the truth is that Javier Milei’s repeated public statements regarding the problem of poverty and hunger show what The President is concerned about this issue: “If people didn’t make ends meet, they would be dying in the streets,” he said less than a week ago in the exclusive La Rural property. As if this were not enough, in the middle of his visit to the United States to meet with several of the richest tycoons in the world, he stated that “people are going to decide in some way to not die of hunger,” proposing that “people He is not that idiotic” and that he does not need any intervention (from the state). A true example of his criminal policy that allows hunger to grow throughout the country and even basic foodstuffs to rot.

Meanwhile, and as expected, the presidential spokesperson came out to make it clear that he strongly supports the hungry minister: “she is number one” and added “Clearly Minister Pettovello is not only not in discussion for the president but she is not stop valuing it almost daily.” For the avoidance of doubt, Adorni also said that “the President is aware of everything of course” and “expressed his total support for the minister.”

They attack the unemployed, the homeless and the workers with conviction, while they advance in raffling off the country to the large multinationals as proposed in the Bases Law that has just obtained an opinion in the Senate. It is necessary to unite the forces of the entire working class, employed and unemployed, to overthrow their entire policy of submission.


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