On his tour of the US, the president said that “people are not that idiotic” and that he does not need to intervene, “someone is going to solve it.” According to UNICEF, currently 7 out of every 10 girls, boys and adolescents in Argentina are poor. Meanwhile, there are 5 million kilos of food that the Ministry of Human Capital refuses to deliver to the canteens. Furthermore, the government is trying to remove the Bases Law that favors a handful of businessmen and harms the working majority.

“Do you think people are so idiotic that they won’t be able to decide? There will come a time when people will die of hunger.” That is the phrase that President Javier Milei used to refer to hunger in Argentina. He did it in the context of his tour of the US where he continues to take photos with tycoons and gave a talk at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, in San Francisco.

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“Somehow he’s going to decide something so he doesn’t die. I don’t need someone to intervene to solve the externality of consumption, because someone is going to solve it,” Milei said.

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The phrase adds to what he had said last week outside the Rural Society exhibition in Palermo: “if people didn’t make ends meet they would have already died.” “If people didn’t make ends meet they would be dying in the streets and that is false,” he told a person who reproached him that “people don’t make ends meet.”

Scandalous phrases in a context where the Government continues with strong repressions against workers and popular sectors who come out to complain about the increase in poverty and layoffs. According to the latest UCA report, during the Milei Government, destitution doubled and poverty rose to 55% in the first quarter of the year.

The president gave a talk at Stanford titled “Capitalism, Socialism, and the Neoclassical Trap,” the same name as his latest book presented at Luna Park. There, repeating, he once again defended monopolies and businessmen as “social benefactors.” Also his “anarcho-capitalist” program of non-state intervention.

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The truth is that while in the campaign he said phrases like “before raising a tax I cut my arm”, the president has increased those that impact the working class: he raised the PAIS tax and on fuel and sent the Bases Law to collect again the salary tax and monotribute. Of course: he enables the reduction of personal assets and juicy benefits for big capital that wants to come and loot via RIGI.

Milei will then meet with the CEOs of Google and Apple and other representatives of the Silicon Valley technology giants. She will close her tour with Mark Zuckerberg (Meta) in search of investments in the context of a brutal drop in economic activity. To prevent the situation from continuing to worsen, it is essential to demand from the union centers a plan of struggle that does not stop until they tear down Milei’s DNU, the Bases law and the entire Government’s adjustment plan.

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