President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva highlighted, this Thursday (23), the “historic decision” of Spain, Ireland and Norway to recognize the Palestinian State, a decision that he considered positive for boosting peace “efforts” in the Middle East.

“The joint decision by Spain, Norway and Ireland to recognize Palestine as a state is historic for two reasons. It does justice in relation to the claim of an entire people, recognized by more than 140 countries, for their right to self-determination”, wrote Lula in X.

“Furthermore, this decision will have a positive effect in supporting efforts for peace and stability in the region. This will only occur when the existence of an independent Palestinian State is guaranteed,” he added.

The president also recalled that Brazil was “one of the first countries in Latin America” to recognize the Palestinian State, in a decision that was soon followed by other nations in the region. The recognition took place in 2010, during Lula’s second term.

During a visit to Brazil at the beginning of March, the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, defended, alongside Lula, the creation of a Palestinian State as necessary for a peace agreement in the region.

Israeli threats

Spain, Ireland and Norway announced this Wednesday (22) the decision to recognize Palestine as an independent state from May 28. European nations have signaled that they expect other countries to follow suit, given the “danger” that the two-state solution faces due to Israel’s massacre of the Palestinian population in Gaza. At least 142 of the 193 UN member states have expressed support for recognition.

But, also on Thursday, Israel stated that the decision by Spain, Ireland and Norway will have “serious consequences” on its relations with these countries.

“There will be serious additional consequences for relations [de Israel] with these countries, following the decision they took” on Wednesday, when announcing that they will recognize a Palestinian state from May 28, said the director general of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jacob Blitstein, in a statement.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry met with the ambassadors of the three states, who “reprimanded (…) the perverse decision of their governments to recognize a Palestinian state.”

Bicycle fish

In an article published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, columnist Alon Pinkas states that “from a legal point of view, the decision by Spain, Norway and Ireland to recognize a Palestinian state is not dramatic. In fact, if the United States did so tomorrow, legally it would mean very little. Politically, of course, it would be a game changer with significant implications.”

“The global recognition of a Palestinian state can be considered symbolic, but it establishes a discourse and defines a preference that no one can ignore. It forces Israel to deal with the immediate viability of such a state and the modalities and contours of such an entity, rather than the validity of the idea itself.”

“Even if a Palestinian state is born as a ‘failed state’, it is still something that Israel will have to consider. You cannot shape and influence the debate and the process by completely denying them.”

“On the other hand, opposing it at this time requires the creation of an alternative – which is why Israel could and should have anticipated the measure with its own recognition. But asking Netanyahu and his messianic, extremist-free government to do this is like asking a fish to ride a bicycle.”


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