There are more and more the famous ones who decide to write a book to tell certain aspects of his life and which, unfortunately, are not always rosy. After Britney Spears, now It’s Megan Fox’s turn. It should be remembered that in 2022 he spoke about the sexism he suffered then and of which today he continues to be a victim. “I think I was ahead of the #MeToo movement by almost a decade. I have always spoken out against abusive things.misogynistic and patriarchal that were happening in Hollywood in 2008 and 2009, long before people were ready to understand or tolerate it.”

Now, at 37 years old, the actress from films like ‘Jennifer’s Body’ or the ‘Transformers’ saga has decided to confess some of the most important chapters and difficult moments of his life through a series of poems titled ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’ and which are accompanied by illustrations by the Japanese Audrey Kawasaki. Among them, Megan talks about having a miscarriage and several very psychologically abusive relationships. On the occasion of the promotional tour of said book and, thanks to a very sincere interview what has given to the program Good Morning AmericaMegan Fox has also confessed that this project became a catharsis through which he turned his pain into art.

A miscarriage and many toxic relationships

“Throughout my life I will have been in, at least, a relationship in which there was physical abuse and several relationships more psychologically very abusive,” declared Megan Fox, while adding that however, “publicly” and for the rest of the world, He has only gone out “with a few people.” Although he did not give names, the shadow of his current partner, musician Colson Baker known artistically as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), he planned on his statements all the time.

But perhaps the hardest part of all is the one in which the actress reveals that, it was during her relationship with the musician, when she had a miscarriage. “There’s an ultrasound at your bedside, 10 weeks and 1 day… Do you think if I could have, I would have left you a suicide note?”, he says in one of the poems that he has dedicated to abortion. “I will pay any price, but please tell me how much is the ransom for your soul?” Given this, from the program itself they asked him If he could explain how he felt. “I had never been through anything like this before in my life. I have three children, so it was very difficult for both of us.. And he sent us on a very wild ride together and separately, trying to navigate, ‘What? What does this mean? “Why did this happen?” confessed the actress.

Machine Gun Kelly: his soulmate

During the Interview, Megan also recited a romantic text dedicated to the man in her life: “True love, twin flame”, and when they asked who it wassince Fox had already been married in the past, she responded without problems: “But I have been engaged to several people… There is only one person I call my twin flame.“, Referring to Machine Gun Kellywhom, on more than one occasion, he has publicly called that.

The actress has three children, ages ten, nine and six. with her ex-husband, actor Brian Austin Green, with whom she was married from 2010 to 2022. In fact, it is apparent that could address him in another of the stanzas of this book of poems, especially when she writes about a “self-absorbed idiot” who broke her heart and led to “isolation, torment, self-harm, despair, longing, restlessness, rage, and general anguish.”

Megan Fox termina sending a very important message: “My freedom lives in these pages, and I hope my words can inspire others to regain their happiness. and her identity using her voice to illuminate what has been buried, but not forgotten, in darkness.”


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