This Thursday, the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massa, spoke again about the very serious situation in the Middle East.

On this occasion, the official did so by reposting a publication on X (former Twitter) by Pablo Yedlin, national senator for Tucumán of Peronism. It said “I once again condemn the criminal terrorist attack by Hamas on 7/10 on Israel, I reiterate the absolute right to defend the State of Israel, I ask for the immediate release of those kidnapped. Hamas hides behind innocent civilians, who are also their victims.

Likewise, it ended by saying “Not like that 👇🏽”, referring below to a publication from the right-wing, pro-Israeli and pro-American newspaper Infobae, which titled “Argentina joined the position of Boric and Petro and condemned the Israeli response to the terrorist attack.” of Hamas”.

Thus aligning himself with the State of Israel, Sergio Massa adopts the false vision that that country is exercising its “right to defense”, when the reality is that after decades of occupation of territories (condemned even by the UN itself), cleansing policies ethnicity and implementation of apartheid (as pointed out by multiple Human Rights organizations), today, and after the Hamas attack, The Zionist army is carrying out a real genocide in the Gaza Stripwith attacks also in the West Bank, which has already caused more than 8,000 deaths, half of them children, and the displacement of around a million people, causing a true humanitarian catastrophe.

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