A atriz pornô Stormy Daniels. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Porn actress Stormy Daniels defended taking advantage of the delicate moment in which Donald Trump finds himself to cash in on the facts.

Today, American justice decided to indict the former president on the bribery charge made by her.

In a live made on her OnlyFans, a platform for the creation of erotic content, she refuted criticism that she was exploiting the case for her own commercial gain.

In her words, she would just be “making orange juice with oranges”, clearly a joke involving the color attributed to the republican leader’s skin.

She says her involvement with Trump has only damaged her career as an actress and director.

She was thrust into the spotlight of American politics in 2018, when journalists discovered that Trump had paid “secret money” two years earlier to remain silent about a sexual relationship with the actress.

“I’m being criticized for making more money now,” she said. “I obviously have a commodity[andise] site… I’ve always done that! Everyone who has a business sells merchandise. You seize the opportunity. Isn’t that what America is about?”

Stormy Daniels announced a national pole dancing tour called “Make America Horny Again” and a memoir called Complete Transparency. The name is an ironic allusion to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Donald Trump wearing the cap with his slogan “Make America Great Again”. Getty Images

“I just saw that Trump is actually doing the same thing,” maintained the actress. “He followed, you know, all the things that are happening now, to help further his career and turn it to an advantage and capitalize on it and raise money.”

“That’s really – I can’t believe I’m about to say this – kind of brilliant,” Daniels continued. “Like, he’s doing the same thing I’m doing. Why is it ok for him and not ok for me? It’s kind of fucked up that there’s this whole double standard.”

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