In response to the performance in the 2024 European elections, the French president Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of National Assemblycalling legislative elections for June 30th and July 7th.

During a speech, Macron cited the results as unfavorable for pro-European parties and highlighted the advance of far-right parties, which now hold more than 30% of French seats in the European Parliament.

According to the newspaper The worldo National Gatheringa far-right party, has emerged as a significant force on the political scene.

On the other hand, Fabien Roussel from French Communist Party (PCF) encouraged participation in the next legislative elections, interpreting the result as a rejection of the government’s current policies.

After consultations based on article 12 of the ConstitutionMacron formalized the call by decree, reaffirming his confidence in democratic principles and popular sovereignty to determine the country’s future parliamentary composition.


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