The first secretary of the PSC and candidate for the investiture, Salvador Illa, has opened the door to an “improvement of financing in Catalonia” and has assured that the Government “will help in this task.” This is what he said at the 15th assembly of the Baix Llobregat PSC Federation.

With these words Illa has responded to the general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, who this morning has defended that the key to the investiture in the Generalitat lies with Pedro Sánchez and the Moncloa, whom she has warned that “they must make a move with the singular financing”.

ERC, which has the key votes to decide who will be the next president, Illa or Puigdemont, has not closed the door to investing the socialist, as long as he meets two requirements: start managing an agreed referendum and agree on special financing for Catalonia .

Illa, shortly after this statement by Rovira, has shown himself open to giving in to this last request, ensuring that “Catalonia cannot be the third [comunidad] in providing resources and the fourteenth in receiving them. “What we are asking for is not a privilege, it is a question of justice,” he added, endorsing the proposal for unique financing.

“We know that the government of Spain is willing to listen to us because it wants to respond to the uniqueness of Catalonia and the plurality of Spain,” said Illa, who clarified that, for that to happen, a Government is needed to “start the job”.

Likewise, Illa has asked the parties for “sensibility, commitment and responsibility” to avoid a blockage in the investiture session, which is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 25 and in which everything indicates that the president of the Parliament, Josep Rull (Junts) will commission the socialist to form the Government.


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