Lula met with the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, at Planalto (Image: Ricardo Stuckert/Disclosure)

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s (PT) suggestions on how to put an end to the war in Ukraine were well accepted by European governments who are proposing at the UN the approval of a new resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The idea of ​​the European leaders is to incorporate Lula’s proposals into the amendment.

During the negotiations, President Lula proposed that the text not only deal with the condemnation of Russian aggression. But to open a space to talk about the “suspension of hostilities”.

So far, all resolutions have been to call for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied locations on Ukrainian territory. But few went in the direction of suggesting the creation of a space for dialogue.

The acceptance and incorporation of the PT’s ideas by the European rulers could lead the Lula government to vote in support of the text. However, there is not, for now, a final decision on how the government will vote. Among European diplomats, the hope was that, with these Brazilian excerpts incorporated into the final text, the Lula government could become a sponsor of the resolution.

The option is seen with hesitation, however, since it would put Brazil on a clear side of the conflict and could put an end to Brazil’s idea of ​​remaining neutral in the face of conflicts.

One of the greatest concerns within the Itamaraty is with the new text referring to article 5 of the document, which calls for the “immediate withdrawal” of Russian troops. The Brazilian government fears, as well as other emerging countries, that the stretch will become an eventual obstacle to a dialogue, since it would involve not only the areas invaded in the last twelve months, but also Crimea.

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