You are president Lula. Photo: EFE/Andre Borges

Lula suggested the creation of a club of countries to “build peace” among nations. The president says that Brazil is willing to contribute to the purpose.

“I am aware of the effort that Germany made to avoid war. My suggestion is to create a club of countries that want to build peace on the planet. Brazil is willing to make a good contribution. The world is in need of peace,” said the president.

He promised to talk with Xi Jinping, President of China, about creating a group that can negotiate an end to the war with the two countries. “The Chinese have a very important role in this. If I go to China in March, I want to talk about Russia-Ukraine peace with President Xi Jinping,” he continued.

In a press conference this Monday (30), the Chief Executive was asked by a journalist if he would be willing to send ammunition to Germany, for the country to pass on to Ukraine.

“Brazil has no interest in passing on ammunition so that it will not be used in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Brazil is a country of peace, Brazil does not want to have any participation, even if indirect”, she said.

Lula says that “the word ‘peace’ is very little used” in the context of war and is willing to talk with Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, and Vladimir Putin, of Russia, to end the conflict.

“I have no problem talking in an attempt to find peace. What is needed is to assemble a group strong enough to be respected at a negotiating table and sit down with both. I don’t know when this war will stop, if it continues in this inaction that we are living “

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