A protest is taking place in the neighbourhoods of the city of Corrientes. The police are repressing them. The Valdés administration is unable to resolve the crisis triggered by the disappearance of the child. The situation is getting worse as the provincial government and Minister Bullrich show that the investigation is very shady. In the midst of the demand for answers about Loan, Laudelina, the child’s aunt, is taken to the Corrientes area by the police in order to distance her from the social tension in the surroundings of the hotel where she was staying.

The provincial government crisis deepensThe disappearance of little Loan exposed what has been happening in Corrientes, which has a history of kidnappings of women and aberrant crimes against the integrity of minors and human trafficking. Although some cases of sexual trafficking have gone to trial, there are a large number of cases of sexual and labor exploitation that have not been resolved, and the province has one of the lowest conviction rates for these crimes in the country.

A few days ago, a demonstration reached the Government House demanding the appearance of the minor. You could hear people shouting “not with the kids” and “everyone should go away.” The mobilizations were repeated during these 17 days that the minor has been missing. This Sunday they mobilized in front of the hotel where Laureliana, Loan’s aunt, was staying. who in the early hours of this Saturday declared that the child had been run over by the couple that is detained: Caillava and Pérez. The municipal official and the sailor who belongs to the Armed Forces.

The hotel where Laureliana was staying is owned by a retired commissioner named Acosta, who is located in the Santa María neighborhood. When the neighbors found out, they mobilized to the scene. The Police took the woman to another place.

This Sunday Javier Milei spoke with TN about the disappearance of Loan, which shows that the crisis reaches even the national government. He maintained that “at no time” was the local authorities “off the shoulder.” “When the problem is raised to the federal level to get rid of the problem, she goes and confronts it.” These statements did not make it clear who he was referring to. This weekend, several media outlets analyzed that this case is a confrontation between the provincial and national governments. This Sunday, Minister Bullrich, who traveled to the province, was not seen together with the radical governor Gustavo Valdés.

The President also left a message for those who tried to create political speculation around the boy’s disappearance. “To believe that the problem is due to the policy we are pursuing… is quite deceitful and politically miserable.”

She was referring to the accusations against the government for the dismantling and dismissals in the former Ministry of Women, which dismantled programs to combat human trafficking and violence against women.

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