Asked whether or not she uses public transportation, Milei’s candidate became nervous and threatened the Public TV journalist who was interviewing her. “Public media are going to be privatized,” she said.

Llia Lemoinenational representative elected by Freedom Advances (LLA), threatened a Public Television journalist this Wednesday at noon. The press worker was trying to interview her at the Constitución station, where she the cosplayer and make-up artist of Javier Milei distributed electoral leaflets.

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  • Do you take public transportation Lilia? – asked the journalist.
  • You have bad intentions, I don’t want to talk to you – he cut himself off immediately. Lemoine.
  • No, just ask you…
  • Let’s close the Public Television, we are going to privatize it– Lemoine said without anyone asking him anything about it. She simply responded by looking at the reporter’s distinctive microphone.
  • Are they going to privatize Public TV, the public media?
  • Yes, they will be private.
  • Freedom, democracy and pluralism…?
  • The public media They are going to be privatized, so try to be a good worker – the libertarian concluded, as if enjoying the possibility of leaving her without a job.
  • Well, we are workers, we are asking you freely within hours of an election. How do you think Sunday will go?
  • You don’t care about people – Lemoine launched.

    “Today, together with my colleagues from the FIT-U bench, we present a project to repudiate the statements of the elected national representative, Lilia Lemoine of LLA for her threatening statements against the reporter and the Public TV team that interviewed her” , published in X by the PTS deputy in the Left Front, Alejandro Vilca.

    Lemoine’s response to a question about the former ESMA

    Afterwards, the TV Pública reporter wanted to inquire about the future of the former Esma in a possible LLA government:

  • What happens with the issue of the former ESMA, is it going to be a school for you? The look at the past, the issue of the missing, the 30 thousand, those people who do not have a place, a grave to carry a flower…?
  • Like my mother, I couldn’t see her because of the quarantine… – Lemoine compared.
  • So we compare a pandemic, a disaster, a natural catastrophe with a political decision…
  • It was a very bad political decision by the current government.

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    Finally, the journalist returned to the topic with which she had started the dialogue and which unleashed contempt and Lemoine’s mistreatment:

  • Do you travel by public transport, are they going to remove the subsidies?
  • Taxes are removed and subsidies are removed.
  • Milei already explained it – the elected representative clarified.

    Clearly, Lilia Lemoine is not interested in whether working people can afford public transport tickets, which have not stopped rising since Macrismo, thanks to the adjustment that Peronism in the government continued to carry out. With so much talk against “the caste”, he is not even able to answer a question from a worker as simple as whether or not she is a user of public transport without becoming defensive. She lives a different reality than the vast majority.

    The only “salvageable” thing about Lemoine’s threat to the journalist is that he hinted at the background of his plan. Obviously, as happened in the 90s, The privatizations that they plan to carry out will be with layoffsleaving workers on the street at their discretion.

    Lemoine’s reactionary proposals

    Lilia Lemoine It comes from generating a strong stir weeks ago. In an interview in Neura Media, he stated that he will promote a “paternity waiver” project in Congress, which would allow men not to be responsible for the alimony quota.

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    To defend the proposal he went to different reactionary arguments, stating that women who abort now have the “privilege of being able to kill.” And based on that he maintained “it does not seem fair to me that a man has to take financial responsibility for a child until he is 18 years old when he did not want to have it.”

    Not only reproduces patriarchal prejudices that fall on women every day, but also ignores that, without law, it is common for parents not to pay child support. According to a 2021 survey carried out by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, 66.5% of women stated that they do not receive the food quota or only do so occasionally.

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