Victoria Eugenia Villarruel she entered the Chamber of Deputies being the second on the list of La Libertad Avanza together with Milei after the 2021 elections. She maintains a conservative profile no matter how you look at her: defender of the military in the dictatorship, against the rights of women, the native peoples and the environmental movement. Different media assure that she will be the candidate for vice president of the formula of Javier Miley.

She is a lawyer graduated from the Law School of the UBA, specializing in “urban security technique” at the UCEMA. She took courses at a center attached to the National Defense University in Washington (United States) on “institutional coordination” and “fighting terrorism.”

In 2006 he created the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (Celtyv), a body. From there it promotes a reactionary vision that seeks to locate as victims during the stage of State terrorism precisely its main military leaders, businessmen and union bureaucrats who were participants in the genocide. According to the journalist Daniel Satur, “it is nothing more than a label through which Villarruel lobbies, nationally and internationally, to achieve a setback in laws and jurisprudence that, even within the bourgeois democratic regime, have been conquests of survivors and rights organizations humans in the search for truth and justice”.

This position led her weeks ago, shortly after March 24, to a strong clash with the FIT-U/PTS deputy, Myriam Bregman, who defined her as an apologist for the military dictatorship. “Do you know why Milei claims denialism? Because the policies that they want to carry out are the policies of Martínez de Hoz and they are only applied with a lot of repression”, the lawyer for Human Rights and causes such as Jorge Julio López stated emphatically. To which he added, “they discuss the figure of 30,000 because they are willing to do it again. Because they work for the big employers that benefited from this genocide.” The dollarization plan that they support today only promises the pulverization of wages, retirements and income of the majority.

This is not Milei’s only connection with the “military family”, in the 1990s he was an official in the government of Antonio Domingo Bussi in Tucumán. Province to which he traveled during the day to support the candidacy of his son. Bussi Sr. was a genocide who ruled the province after the 1976 coup and had led the Independence Operation. In this operation promoted by Isabel Martínez de Perón to “annihilate the actions of the subversive elements”, the father of the current deputy, Eduardo Marcelo Villarruel, who was a lieutenant colonel of the Army, participated. Victoria Villarruel’s grandfather, Laurio Hedelvio Destáfani, was a rear admiral in the Navy and author of ten volumes of Argentine Maritime History.

With ties also in the Buenos Aires Justice, he participated in the Bar Association of the Federal Capital. She gave lectures in different countries on “victims of terrorism” such as the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico, among other countries.

He has a close relationship with leaders of the far-right ox group in Spain, receiving its founder Javier Ortega Smith in the country. Very much in tune with the ideas held by that party, Villarruel went so far as to affirm that “our region in particular is being deeply attacked by values ​​such as gender ideology, indigenism that seeks the balkanization of our territories, environmentalism.” In this way, he seeks to attack the mobilization of women and sexual diversity for their rights, of the original peoples or of the environmental movement itself.

It supports a whole political and ideological orientation that needs to be unmasked. Behind the speech of “freedom” he seeks to deny the genocide and the military, civic and ecclesiastical dictatorship, since his economic plan at the service of the richest can only be implemented with a great repression of the working and poor majority that today suffers the consequences of adjustment.


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