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“General Secretary” of the seal Broken Chains and candidate for provincial senator for Freedom Advances of the Eighth Electoral Section of Buenos Aires, Hernan Ganzella He usually presents himself as an “Argentine, free worker, athlete and family man.” He states that he joined the libertarian ranks “when Javier (Milei) “It just started” and that its group is the first of its kind in the capital of Buenos Aires, where it is also from. Carolina Píparothe candidate for governor.

Far from the “average militant” of mileism, Ganzella He has little activity on social networks, although a particular habit leads him to abandon accounts and open new ones with some regularity. Nor are his public appearances highlighting his political proposals. He just makes a few notes on sites or radios from friendly businessmen.


By profession a dental mechanic, Ganzella manages his SME Cahenalocated at 1 between 64 and 65 of At payment. The “headquarters” of Broken Chains. The data seems curious, since libertarians do not lack resources to open a party headquarters somewhere other than a personal business. But possibly this “postal unit” of work and militancy has other motivations. It is likely that the man saw the opportunity to attract more clients than usual, offering their professional services to those who come to ask about the ideas of Javier Miley. Business are business.

Hernán Ganzella poses to promote his SME
Hernán Ganzella poses to promote his SME

Precisely in his business premises, more than two years ago, he held the first meeting of his group. In his words, only “good citizens” participated, such as construction businessmen, merchants, police officers, lawyers and members of the penitentiary service. Other references of its space are the digital creator and singer-bar entertainer Leonardo Iaconis and the dentist Ruben Urrutipi. The latter is the owner of Puerto Madero Dental Aestheticsa VIP office located in that Buenos Aires neighborhood where a good part of the “caste” lives and is served.

Ganzella He has other “undertakings.” Several years ago his passion for bicycles and motorcycles led him to invest some capital in SuperXa 120 thousand square meter property with tracks for racing and training of mountain bike y motocross. Located in the area of ​​25 and 520, the place is promoted as a “circuit for all levels, private and without theft.”

But it seems that for Ganzella and its partners there first and second class neighbors. While he talks about defending the well-being of “the people,” along with his partners in SuperX They have been despising the claims of those who live in front of the property for years. Last July, several neighbors reported to the newspaper The day that they “cannot stand” the “deafening noises” of the motorcycles anymore and that their houses end up full of dirt every time there is activity (several days a week).

Those who denounce it assure that the slopes “do not have municipal authorization” and that, despite repeated complaints, the authorities of Citizen Control and of the Ombudsman’s Office “they haven’t done anything.” It is worth asking if this situation is not, ultimately, a favor from “the caste” to the “entrepreneur”.

Just in case, in the middle of the electoral campaign the dental mechanic doesn’t even mention SuperX , it’s not going to be something that steals votes. Of course, as a candidate he makes manipulative demagoguery, stating that “We must catch all those who ride motorcycles without papers”. He knows that, for the most part, “all those” are not intrepid motorcycling lovers but rather precarious workers, delivery people or jobbers.

SuperX account (already disused), owned by Hernán Ganzella
SuperX account (already disused), owned by Hernán Ganzella

Denialist yes, anti-caste no

In September, emboldened by the good harvest of votes in the PASO, the La Plata referent of Freedom Advances made some public statements. He said that “those who accuse mercy In fact, they don’t know what they’re saying, because it’s a guy who defends freedom one hundred percent”. It was his own mercy who weighed down those statements, when in the second presidential debate he said that the dictatorship did not commit a genocide, but only had a few “excesses” within the framework of a “guerra” and that the 30,000 detainees missing They were not such. More than that it is not possible, Ganzella.

Beyond words, the liberal candidate publicly raises the denialist and pro-dictatorship “flags” with which Victoria Villarruel branded with fire Freedom Advances . And that, logically, has its correlation when talking about the current “insecurity.” For the dental mechanic, “Justice and security forces do not have the tools they should have,” which does nothing more than deny that, for decades, those who govern have done nothing but empower the repressive forces.

Despite his alignment with the most rancid of the extreme right, Ganzella He claims to be a “democrat.” Perhaps that is why he maintains close ties and even personal friendships with characters whom no one could seriously fail to identify as caste. Although today he affirms that “people seem tired of the same old things” and that in At payment both Together for Change (from the mayor Julio Garro) as Peronism “only has a past to offer”, its history reveals it.

In a recent radio interview Ganzella denounced that “people are being named who, in need of work, come to the mateadas that Wine and they send her to work at the Ministry. They do clientelism with our money,” she said angrily. But those words contrast with the highly positive assessment that the candidate himself had for him not long ago. Wine. In February 2021, for example, she told the minister from one of her accounts Twitter: “Make history like you did in the city of La Plata”.

Ganzella's vindication of the past mayor of Alak
Ganzella’s vindication of the past mayor of Alak

Two years later, in February 2023, the Citizen Security Commission of Broken Chains published a column on the Punto Capital Noticias site titled “The other side of the Fernando case,” in reference to the trial against the group of young people who murdered Fernando Baez Sosa. There they praised Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service for his performance in the trial and, at the same time, the conditions of the prisons that he himself SPB manages. Regarding a true criticism of prison policies, the State is accused of “spending” a lot on the matter. Of course, at no time is Winewho as minister of Justice and Human Rights of Axel Kicillof is the one who applies that policy. Among firefighters…

The thing is Alak is a friend of Ganzella. If, as the saying goes, a button is enough for proof, it is worth remembering what the dental mechanic published on his social networks until not long ago. In the summer of 2021, while he asked Wine that “make history” as in the past, Ganzella went up to Instagram and gif made based on a video in which You can see him, “Turco” and Jonatan Vesi Ride in bicycle. With the title “bike” and the legend “se pedala”, Ganzella set that gif as “outstanding” history. There it is (at least until the publication of this note it was) as one of his main public posts.

The "outstanding history" in the profile of Hernán Ganzella
The “highlighted story” in Hernán Ganzella’s profile

It is worth saying that Waterthe third cyclist of the gifis a lawyer from La Plata, friend and employee of Fernando Burlando (another who wanted to run with his own label profiled in the extreme right). Water until not long ago he had an active militancy in the Renovator Front created by Sergio Massa. From the hand of the former councilor who was then a candidate for mayor Carlos Melzi, in 2015 he competed against Kirchnerism from massism. And he strengthened ties with the former mayor of Magdalena Fernando Carballo (another “traitor” of the time). Despite everything, he burst with enthusiasm when in 2019 Cristina Kirchner send to Alberto Fernandez to convince the Massa to close ranks, which culminated in the formation of the Front of All.

Sergio Massa and Jonatan Vesi
Sergio Massa and Jonatan Vesi

It is clear that neither Wine in Water They are two exponents of “anti-caste”. And if there was still a chance that Ganzella “just” be friends with them, outside of any other type of relationship, it is worth remembering that those who drive Freedom Advances They are not exactly characterized by giving stitches without thread. What is still surprising is that there are militants with progressive ideas who see in Wine some kind of attributes nak&pop.

Chantas with license

There is a fact that paints the face of Ganzella: your children are going to one of the most expensive and conservative schools in La Plata. Recently she said: “I was always victim of the state because it doesn’t work, if I have to take my son to school I have to go to the private one because unfortunately the public school is not working.” But the Marist school to which he sends his children is not one of those neighborhood denominational schools that usually “replace” public ones. Quite the opposite.

A average fee in that school around $ 65.000 (in kindergarten you pay $55,000 and in primary school up to $79,000). But the authorities of that institution recognize that between 60% and 70% of what they pay in teacher salaries is provided by the State through subsidies. O Ganzella He doesn’t know that “small detail”, or he is a blackmailer.

Of course, he never misses the opportunity to spread manure against teachers of public schools. Far from considering that they are the ones who support the education of millions of girls and boys day by day, often on the verge of collapse, the dental mechanic affirms (without data) that “The system does not work because it allows a teacher to go to teach classes twice a week and earn the same as the one who goes five times a week.”. Authentic contempt for class.

The Ganzella store with anti-fascist graffiti |  Capture video The Day
The Ganzella store with anti-fascist graffiti | Capture video The Day

Last September the shutter of the SME Cahena It dawned with spray graffiti, superimposed on the figure of a lion and the legend “Milei 2023 Broken Chains.” Anonymous hands wrote “fascists out” and “memory” with white paint. When reporting the incident to the newspaper The daywithout being able to identify the authorship, Ganzella said: “We are not fascists and we have memory (…) We all know what kind of spaces do these kinds of things, libertarians do not do this.”

But lied. Own Javier Miley claimed responsibility for an attack against a cultural center in 2022 of the PTS-Left Front where it was painted “hold on to Mercy”he insulted Myriam Bregman and, far from being anonymous, he was vindicated by another fascist group from La Plata.

It is so “clear” Ganzella that he recently said: “When Javier refers to reducing the State, it does so, for example, with the Ministry of Women, which we do not need it”. Without a doubt the “we” from which he speaks They are neither the women, nor the public school teachers, nor the neighbors who surround SuperXnor the changarines who ride precarious motorcycles, nor the vast majority of the working and poor population.

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