We reproduce in this note some excerpts from the speech given by Claudio Dellecarbonara during the opening of the Workers’ Meeting in Congress:

The first thing, colleagues, colleagues is greet this great Meeting, also beginning by repudiating the persecution against the movement of unemployed comrades. It is essential that we do so and that we put our bodies and all our strength to defend them. I also want to send from here a very special greeting to the teachers and health workers in Misiones who are standing against the attempt to apply a downward wage agreement. They went out to cut the routes, they are camping also accompanied by students that in a self-convened manner are accompanying that fight, which is not only for the comrades of that province but for all the workers in the country.

We had already seen these issues before, as we saw in Neuquén when the comrades came out to repudiate a hunger agreement by the ATE leadership. The companions, “the elephants” came out; They stood up and also mobilized, and twisted the arm of the Government. And this must be said clearly: When there is betrayal from above, these things happen from below. With organization and mobilization, our comrades went out to march.we go out to fight and we go out to claim what belongs to us.

That is why from here we strongly say that the comrades of Misiones need a provincial strike so that their demands can succeed. That is also our wish, colleagues. And at the national level, what can we say about the bureaucracy of the CGT and the CTA, which let the approval of the Bases Law pass by without pain or glory. If it had not been for the denunciations and mobilization of the Left in Congress or for the assemblies and mobilizations in the streets, the enormous attack that this bill represents would have gone unnoticed.


Now it turns out that faced with the possibility of it being approved in the Senate, these bureaucrats tell us that it has nothing to do with the working class, that “we have already done too much, that we have already mobilized too much and that we have already stopped too much”… Since here We have to tell this true scoundrel that we are going to promote the broadest coordination and mobilization so that there are thousands of us on the street the day the Law is discussed.. We are going to surround the congress to make the strength of the workers felt, while We continue fighting for a National Struggle Plan, sustained as long as the general strike ends. until ending the adjustment and hunger plan of the Government and the traditional parties.

Watch the rest of the speech in the video of this note

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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