The presidential candidate for the Left Unity Front spoke with the journalist on her program Don’t leave until tomorrow (Radio con Vos) about the act carried out by the denialist Victoria Villarruel last Monday. Bregman also wondered if so much demand from the Menem government is not also a demand for pardons. He went back to explain once more why the civic-military dictatorship was a class genocide and to demand the opening of the archives.

Myriam Bregmanpresidential candidate for the Left Unity Front, spoke with Romina Manguel on your show Dont leave for tomorrow (Radio con Vos) about the act carried out by the denialist Victoria Villarruel in the Buenos Aires Legislature last Monday.

We share here your main statements:

  • I understand the act as a provocative actIt doesn’t make any other sense. He was even wondering today if so much demand from the Menem government is not also a demand for the pardons that took place during Menem’s administration. In this act there is a high content of provocation days after the PASO and with little time left for the general elections.
  • This is not something new. Those of us who have been militant for many years in the defense of human rights and democratic freedoms know these people who constantly attack us, both Villarruel and Larrabure, who is accompanying him in this talk, have been militant in this for many years. It is no coincidence that Victoria Villarruel appears in an agenda that the genocidal Miguel Etchecolatz was kidnapped in a raid that we requested with Guadalupe Godoy, who made her known now, as lawyers for Julio López (plaintiff witness against the genocidal) after his disappearance in 2006.
  • In the networks, they also accuse me of filling myself with money, when I never received a peso for acting in any cause against humanity, I always did it as a militant and putting my political social commitment to defend Human Rights. But hey, they believe that everything is for money, that seems to me to speak more about them than about me. They are used to saying anything. There are many young people who do not know that they are willing to say anything.
  • Villarruel is not looking for truth, nor complete memory as they say in this act. The actions of the militant organizations at that time were public, they appeared in the newspapers of the time. What was clandestine was the action of the State. That’s why, they are the ones who have to tell the truth. Because the claim of the truth was always our claim. We always ask that the truth be known, what happened to the disappeared, what happened to the appropriate babies. Because many grandmothers, like Chicha Mariani, left without finding her granddaughter. Forty years of constitutional governments and the archives were never opened and Villarruel never demanded that they be opened.
  • In Argentina there was clearly a class genocide. Rodolfo Walsh He said in 1977 that the real reasons for the coup were much deeper and that they had to be sought on the economic level, he spoke of the IMF, of the multinationals, and that with the coup they sought to make planned misery. I wonder: are we very far from that now? Of that planned misery when 6 out of 10 kids are below the poverty line?

    Bregman participated together with his running mate Nicolás del Caño and Buenos Aires deputy Alejandrina Barry in the press conference and mobilization called by human rights organizations (such as the Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting), political and social organizations against said act.

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