At a recent press meeting in Beijing, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov answered questions from the media during a joint press conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi following negotiations.

In this interview one thing became clear: the two eastern powers will work together against the aggressions of the “Collective West”.

See the transcript of the excerpt from Lavrov’s comment:

[O Ocidente coletivo está a utilizar métodos agressivos de dupla dissuasão contra a Rússia e a China para impedir o seu progresso e para dificultar a implementação das políticas soberanas. Você e seus parceiros chineses estão considerando medidas duplas de resposta de dissuasão? O que poderiam ser?]

Lavrov: “I will not reveal any secret if I say that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi yesterday put forward the formula of ‘double counteraction for double deterrence’. Our respective leaders, President Vladimir Putin and President Xi Jinping, have repeatedly highlighted the determination of Russia and China to counter attempts to slow down the formation of a multipolar world and the long-awaited processes of democratization and justice that are knocking on the door of the modern world. world order.

The United States and its allies are trying to stop them in an effort to perpetuate their unfair position in the international system. We remember how our leaders formulated the task of standing back to back and shoulder to shoulder against attempts to slow down the objective course of history. My colleague addressed in detail the specific economic problems created by the illegal policy of unilateral sanctions. We will address them within the scope of the BRICS and the SCO.

At a time when the United States and its satellites are capable of disrupting stable chains of financing, logistics, transport and investment at any time, it is time to think about how these issues, such as the transition to national currencies, the creation of alternative payment platforms, including decisions in this regard adopted within the BRICS, and the activities of regional organizations such as the SCO and CELAC mentioned above, can be considered and addressed by different entities.

The West has proven that the system of international financial and economic ties it created and offered to the rest of the world is unreliable, because the West can at any time punish anyone who disagrees with its neocolonial policy. These processes are ongoing in almost all spheres of public life, including the economy and security.

We share our focus on strengthening security in Eurasia. There has long been a Euro-Atlantic security entity in the form of NATO and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. They have crossed themselves off the list of relevant organizations that can be used to conduct meaningful conversations and reach agreement on issues based on a balance of interests. Considering this, shaping Eurasian security is an issue that needs to be addressed. President Vladimir Putin mentioned this in his speech to the Federal Assembly. We agree with our Chinese friends to start a dialogue on this issue and involve other like-minded countries.”

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