They are concentrated in the vicinity of the rise to the Avenida Miter bridge in Avellaneda, surrounded by the solidarity of students, workers, members of labor groups and left-wing organizations.

Only after the last action they carried out in the same place were they received for a negotiation, after months of deaf ears on the part of the government and the companies, although that did not yield any results.

This happens when EMA workers, at the service of Edesur, could be solving the electrical service problems that overwhelm the population. But they are prohibited from working in any company related to the sector or for state entities, for having protested against outsourcing and job insecurity.

The dismissed workers of Megaflex also joined the action, who in the assembly voted to continue the measures of struggle until a solution to their conflict is obtained.

Railway, metallurgical, Coca-Cola, health workers, teachers and other MAC workers, tertiary and university students, the PTS, Sitrarepa, Polo Obrero and Agrupación 18 de Diciembre participate in the measure.


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