Journalist Stefani Costa, collaborator of the DCMis being targeted by far-right attacks after his participation in a demonstration for the right to housing in Portugal.

She sent her report:

“On Saturday I was attacked by the police here during the demonstration for the right to housing, an issue that I have been following for some time. Police violence was generalized and I was very shaken at the time and confronted the police, spoke on TV, charged the person responsible for the operation, etc.

However, my name fell into the web of the extreme right here and now there are photos of the moment of the confrontation on all sides. My information is leaking on the networks, people instigating harassment, profiles trying to diminish my work as a journalist and the worst: I am receiving threats against my physical integrity from BOLSONARISTAS affiliated with Chega. Since Saturday my life has been hell.

I am being attacked more by Brazilians than by Portuguese on the far right.

They probably marked the DCM in some places to attack the media I collaborate with. The Bolsonarist disease has already taken over Portugal and this is also serious. What happened in the schools yesterday made me even more worried because they are acting from here and having a “guard” for it. They are recruiting many Brazilians through the churches”.

During the protest, she was interviewed by RTP, the main television channel in the country, and there she denounced the aggressions imposed on other women by police officers.

It was enough for an extreme right-wing horde to find her on the networks to offend and threaten her.

The owner of the @jujubatavaresp profile, who introduces herself on Twitter as “Patriot, Dissatisfied with the system, ptphobic, antifeminist” referred to her as “ordinary”: “deports that ordinary. Tell her to come to the shitty country that is being ruled by the crook she supports, ”she wrote. “Tell her to come here and experience the “wonder” that is to be governed by that disgrace . ordinary, changes country but does not change character. It’s in the soul, not worth anything.

Another profile, this time of a Portuguese man who defines himself as a “right-wing father and husband, with social responsibility”, offended the journalist, saying that she is “the most lowly and disgusting thing there can be”.

In addition to public hostile posts, private threats were also made against the journalist, at least one of which had a sexual connotation.

In addition to Brazilian Bolsonarists, Stefani drew the attention of supporters of the Portuguese extreme right. Supporters of Chega, a party led by deputy André Ventura, also went to the networks to attack the journalist. One of them even apologized to the extremist: “My sincere apologies for this Stefani Costa”, in a post whose profile of the parliamentarian was tagged.

Threat made against journalist Stefani Costa in Instagram “directs”. reproduction
Threat of rape made against journalist Stefani Costa in Instagram directs. reproduction

Profile of the woman who offended journalist Stefani Costa. reproduction
Threats suffered on the web by journalist Stefani Costa. reproduction
More threats suffered on the web by journalist Stefani Costa. reproduction
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