The businessman of the Techitn group and the UIA was appointed to replace Omar Yasín, who was fired from his position by the president while giving an interview on television. Last year he had spoken out against reducing the working day to 6 hours. “Why do they want to work less?” the leader, who seems to like having slaves, asked himself at that moment.

This Tuesday the identity of who will replace Omar Yasín as Secretary of Labor of the Nation was known. Is about Julio Gabriel Corderoa lawyer and man of the Group Techint and of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA).

According to reports, Cordero is one of those who participated in the drafting of the section on the labour reform within Milei’s mega DNU, which was later blocked in justice.

As expected, Cordero, like the rest of the cabinet members, is a fervent militant against workers’ rights. Last year, during the debate in committees (in the National Congress) about the working day and its possible reduction to 6 hours, he had asked himself “why do they want to work less?”

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Let us remember that Omar Yasín was fired on Monday by Milei while giving a television interview, accused of having been responsible for the skyrocketing salary increase of all officials and which caused so much indignation in the population that it forced the ruling party to back down.

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