A new national poll of voting intentions for the White House, carried out by Fox News, reveals that President Joe Biden, who is a likely candidate for re-election, has a three percentage point lead over former President Donald Trump.

This is the first time since October 2023 that Biden appears as the favorite in the dispute against Trump.

The change in poll results began in May this year, when Trump had 49% of voting intentions, compared to 48% for Biden. The most recent data shows Trump at 48% and Biden at 50%.

According to Fox News, the Biden administration’s assessments regarding the economy have improved, and other factors since the last survey in May may have contributed to the shift in favor of the current president.

Among these factors are Trump’s conviction in the case of paying a bribe to an adult film actress, Hunter Biden’s conviction for illegal possession of a weapon, the increase in job creation in the United States and the immigration executive order of Biden, which allows American spouses and children of undocumented immigrants to apply for permanent residency without having to leave the country.

With information from CNN.

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/06/20/joe-biden-lidera-nova-pesquisa-de-intencao-de-voto-aponta-fox-news/

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