The national representative (MC) Myriam Bregman expressed herself on social networks and in various interviews in which she objected to the upcoming treatment of the Bases Law and the Fiscal Package by the Chamber of Deputies. She emphasized that her treatment was vitiated by her nullity, after the last-minute vote changes in exchange for public positions became known, as in the case of the Neuquén senator Lucila Crexell. In this way she stated that the deputies should not provide a quorum in the face of a scandal of this magnitude.

The law, which in principle would be voted on this Thursday, 06/27, represents a strong regression in labor rights, an advance in national delivery and an attempt to deepen social inequality throughout the country, favoring large businessmen, particularly to multinationals, over the poor and working people as a whole. To defend these interests, the Ministry of Security headed by Patricia Bullrich mounted, at the time of its passage through the Senate, a brutal operation by the different repressive forces, including intelligence services, which culminated in 33 detainees.

This Thursday the libertarian government, with the law back in the House of Representatives after the modifications made in the Senate, will seek to approve it definitively. They will do so after the scandal that went through the entire treatment of the law, both in its first version as the “Omnibus Law” during the summer, as well as in this new version, more limited but strongly reactionary, surrounded by repression, last-minute negotiations and above all the surrendering vocation of the current government, which has been making an adjustment of enormous magnitude.


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