Lula walks to the sound of “A new time” with Xi Jinping. Photo: reproduction

Ivan Lins celebrated President Lula’s journey to the sound of “A New Time” in China. He said he was “very moved” by the use of the song during the moment and says it was created to “lift the spirits of our much loved people”.

The song was played during the PT’s walk with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Great Palace of the People, seat of government in Beijing. The request was made by the Brazilian chancellery, so that the moment symbolized a new era in the relationship between the countries.

The song was recorded in 1980, during the military dictatorship, and the artist says that it “now echoes again, donating blood and soul so that our renewed President can take us back to our true country, our dear homeland and beloved people”.

“We fight, we do our best and we are indignant because we love”, continued Ivan Lins.

“In the new era/Despite the dangers/The most brute force/The frightening night/We are in the fight (…) So that our hope/Be more than revenge/Always be a path/That is left as an inheritance”, says an excerpt from music.

“Our love is the most true, powerful, intense and eternal that exists! It is the time of the most powerful hope we have. Dynamic, activist, engaging, full of attitude and courage. We cannot miss this opportunity. It has to be now, despite the dangers. We are grown, we are attentive, we are more alive”, he concluded.

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