Alejandro Vilca, national deputy of the PTS-Left Frontharshly criticized Gerardo Morales. “The governor defended the brutal discounts that were made to primary teachers. It is shameful. He said the teacher’s claim was ‘fair’ and now applies discounts of $70,000, $80,000 or even $200,000,” he said.

He also held that “you have to surround the enormous fight between Adep’s teachers with support. The unions have to call a provincial strike immediately. From the PTS-Left Front, we are supporting this fight from the first day. And we are going to continue doing it, making ourselves available so that this fight can be sustained”.

He also responded to the charge that the left has a ‘fascist logic’. He said that “Morales should be called to silence. Together with Peronism, he imposed a completely reactionary Constitutional Reform and ordered a savage repression against the protesters. Four people lost an eye from police shots and there are reports of torture. How can you say ‘fascist’ to someone?

He added that “Morales tells us ‘fascists’ who we opposed to abolishing elections every two years and a regime will be created where the Legislature will remain as an appendage of the Executive. To those of us who reject the creation of a totalitarian regime in Jujuy, which he wanted to impose at the service of large companies.

Natalia Morales, candidate for national deputy for the PTS-FITU, also criticized the governor: “He lied again about the roadblocks. He continues to insist that they are organized by ‘people who came from Buenos Aires’. But that is completely false. On the routes are the original communities, who denounce that the Government lied to them and advanced with the Constitution without any prior consultation. They are denouncing that the sale of territories has already begun and the threats of eviction have increased.”

Finally, he added:We support the fight of the communities against the reform. There are forces to confront and defeat this reform. A provincial strike is necessary until the reform falls”.


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