Moment when Israeli soldiers throw cement into a water source. Photo: reproduction

A video of the Israeli army pouring cement into a water fountain used by Palestinians has gone viral on social media. The action took place south of the city of Hebron. With information Palestinian news agency Quds.

Bassam Dudin, a Palestinian farmer affected by the operation, said the water was used for the livelihood of 25 families through irrigation of local crops. He stated that the region is experiencing a drought.

“We are in drought. It has ruined our crops and our water. We have no income, nothing,” she lamented.

Dudin claimed that the land was inherited by families for generations. The farmer also said that the Israeli operation surprised the residents. “We were surprised by the arrival of the Israeli occupation forces. They damaged water sources without notice, without documentation,” he said.

Palestinian Ambassador Ibrhim Alzeben condemned the action and declared that the operation is “a crime against Palestinians and the environment”.

“Israeli forces invaded Palestinian farmland in occupied Hebron with bulldozers and poured concrete into water wells to disrupt agricultural irrigation in an area that serves 25 families today. A crime against Palestinians and the environment. Yet another criminal act of ethnic cleansing in Palestine against the existence of the people,” said the ambassador.

In a note, the Israeli Embassy said that the drilling carried out by the Palestinians polluted the water and harmed them. “Every year there is a phenomenon where Palestinians illegally connect to water sources. The drilling they do pollutes the water source and damages the water supply of nearby villages”, he claimed.

“Water management in Israel in general and in Judea and Samaria in particular is a sensitive matter that requires oversight and approval to avoid destroying water sources,” he added.

See the video:

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