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The attacks of the State of Israel kill 140 boys and girls a day, one every ten minutes, in the Gaza Strip. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands take to the streets around the world, moved by the brutal images of barbarity displayed by the Israeli bombings and ground attack.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported that in addition, more than 1,250 children are missing today, adding to the 4,000 killed by Israel’s attacks since October 7. The Gaza Ministry of Health shared that 73% of those killed by the Israeli army are women, the elderly and children.

UN Secretary General António Guterres acknowledged this situation by warning that “no one is safe” in Gaza. He said the Gaza Strip was “becoming a graveyard for children” and hundreds of children are reportedly killed or injured every day, he said.

The Palestinians who do not die from bombings, white phosphorus or the land incursion itself that began a few days ago, are surviving in inhuman conditions since since October 11, Gaza has been subject to a cut of electricity and fuel supplies. The blockade reached a point where it is practically impossible to get drinking water and bread. Displaced families are bombed in their shelters or on the way to them.

Just two weeks ago the organization Save the Children reported that a child is murdered every fifteen minutes in Palestine. Today this figure increases, as a result of the even more brutal offensive against the Palestinian population.

That is why millions around the world have taken to the streets and taken different measures to protest. He took over a university in Naples, Italy, denouncing the government of the far-right Georgia Meloni for being an ally of Israel. The workers of Barcelona decide to block all activities related to the shipment of war material to Israel. In the United States, along with the massive demonstrations last weekend, highway blockades, sit-ins at train stations and other actions are being carried out to denounce the attacks by Israel.

Added to this is a growing number of demonstrations by anti-Zionist Jews who in different parts of the world say “Not in our name” and some incipient actions by workers or activist organizations that seek to prevent ships or shipments of weapons from reaching Israel, as stated. saw the last week in the ports of Belgium and Oakland in California.


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