Repudiation of the repression of Milei and Patricia Bullrich and the request for the release of all those detained in the massive demonstration against the Bases Law, which occurred on Wednesday, June 12, is growing. There are still 16 people detained, but along with 17 others they are accused of very serious crimes.

The repudiation is now international. Now personalities from art and culture have joined, along with personalities from international politics. There are more than 40,000 signatures already collected for the repudiation petition launched last Friday.

Along with those already mentioned, the musician Nahuel Briones, the researcher Pablo Alabarces, the artists Susy Shock and Katja Alemann, the writer Kike Ferrari, the journalist Miriam Lewin, the actress Sandra Ballesteros, and also Teresita Eugenia also added their signature in the last few hours. Carbó Pérez from CISAS México, Andrés Saldarriaga Madrigal from the University of Antioquía – Colombia; Pablo Robledo, historian, National Memory Archive. Also signing were Guillermo Clarke of the Provincial Memory Archive, David Blanco, Secretary of International Relations of the General Confederation of Labor, Spain and Orlando Barrantes Carcín, Workers and Peasants Movement of Costa Rica.

The national deputies Sergio Palazzo, Carlos Heller, Pablo Carro, Leopoldo Moreau, Juan Marino, Jorge Romero, Nancy Sand, Silvana Ginocchio, Sebastián Nóblega, Roxana Monzón, Sabrina Selva, Hilda Aguirre and Florencia Carignano, all of the Union for Homeland. National representative Carolina Yutrovic of the Patagonian Social Party also joined. Also the national representative fulfilled her mandate, Mara Brewer. The CABA legislator Alejandro Grillo, belonging to UxP, also signed his name, as well as Eduardo Bianchetti, JI ATE, former Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

They also did Pilar Calveiro, political scientist, former detainee who disappeared; César Arakaki, actor; María Elena Storani, UCR; Carlos del Frade, Broad Front for Sovereignty, Santa Fe legislator; Martín Sabbatella, Nuevo Encuentro, former mayor Morón PBA.

The organizations Fuera Mekorot, Teatro por la Identidad, Quilmes, Colectiva Transfeminista las Rudas, Músicos Organizados joined in, as did Socialist Alternative from Australia and Socialist Alternaive from the United States on an international level.



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