The meetechSpain event, the Spanish summit of technological innovation organized by the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (Fedit), returns in the next few June 13 and 14 at the MEEU urban space in Madrid. It is consolidated as well as the reference quote for connect researchers from the Technology Centers with other research organizations, companies, start-ups and any entity or organization interested in innovation as the axis of transformation and acceleration of its business.

For two days, attendees will be able to participate in various activities to promote collaboration. Among them, the one that makes Fedit’s meetechSpain especially unique and different is the Technological Challenge. Is about a competition between a hundred researchers and technologists who will propose innovative solutions to a real technological challenge. In this edition, the theme on which the challenge will be addressed is “Smart, safe and sustainable mobility.” As explained Áureo Díaz-Carrasco, general director of Fedit, “We want to talk about a topic of the future, in which Spain has a lot to contribute, to establish interesting challenges at the country level.”

Tech&Touch Space

In the meetechSpain technology showroom, The centers will show their technological capabilities through audiovisual stands. The space called Tech&Touch will allow “touch innovation” through demonstrators, prototypes and cooperative projects. And there will also be the possibility of integrating into the formula Speed Datingwhat program bis a bis meetings between companies and Technology Centers.

In it Speakers’ Corneryou can attend to exhibitions in elevator pitch format from innovative entities about their projects and technological challenges. And the round tables inspiring will bring together prominent figures from the public and private spheres of the R&D&I system to address current technological challenges and will offer keys to the future.

The Fedit initiative was born with the objective of promote strategic cooperation between technological research organizations and the rest of the agents of the Spanish R&D&I ecosystem. Along with this, it has the objective of publicizing and recognizing the important role they play as levers for accelerating business competitiveness and driving R&D&I in Spain.

The first edition had the participation of 45 Technology Centers, as well as 500 attendees, among whom were 100 researchers. In total, 364 meetings were held between companies and Technology Centers. This confirmed that it was a necessary meeting, something that the Spanish R&D&I ecosystem required after the pandemic.


Technology Centers are the best example that public-private collaboration in the R&D&I is efficient and successful when transferring scientific knowledge and technology to the market. The 52 entities integrated into Fedit work with 26,000 companies and have 9,500 people on staff, of which 7,200 are researchers and technologists.

They currently carry out more than 10,000 R&D actions each year and, in 2022, they obtained revenues of 772 million euros, 8.4% more than the previous year. “Any company, especially if it is an SME, that is thinking about innovating, has the opportunity to meet a potential partner in that innovation process at meetechSpain”Áureo Díaz-Carrasco pointed out.

Fedit has been very actively present at the latest edition of Transfer with one of the reference stands at the Malaga Fairgrounds. During the course of the event, the directors of TECNALIA, EURECAT, CIDAUT, REDIT and CTCR, moderated by the general director of Fedit, presented at the table “From the idea to the market through the valorization of knowledge” its methods to transfer knowledge to society and co-create with companies, guaranteeing a positive impact on society.

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In that sense, the data on the valorization of the technology generated and transferred by the Technology Centers is much higher than that of other research organizations: the survey carried out by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities each year observes that Almost 80% of the income from technology licenses from startups falls on the Technology Centers. In fact, 54% of its total income comes from contracting with companies.

In the Transfer round table it was revealed the need to enhance the co-creation process. The Technology Centers are in continuous search for new methods to transfer their knowledge to society in the most effective way possible, that is, guaranteeing a positive impact on the business fabric so that it is more competitive and innovative. The directors who participated in the table organized by Fedit in Transfer, representing the entire group of Technology Centers, have focused on initiatives that go beyond the mere valuation based on the hours of work investedor the transfer of a product for companies to exploit.


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