The Central Bank’s board of directors approved the issuance of a new bill that will incorporate the denomination $2,000 and that will be integrated into the current Peso Line. Although it is not confirmed, the Government is also analyzing the issuance of a $5,000 bill.

The new banknote, designed in collaboration with Casa de Moneda, will commemorate the development of science and medicine in Argentina and will feature the Malbrán Institute, and Dr. Cecilia Grierson and Dr. Ramón Carrillo, pioneers in the development of medicine in our country, reported the monetary authority.

On the obverse of the bill will be the figures of Grierson and Carrillo and on the reverse of the bill the building of the National Institute of Microbiology Dr. Carlos G. Malbrán is represented.

Cecilia Grierson was the first doctor in Argentina, graduating in 1886 from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, the city where she was born in 1859 and died in 1934.

Ramón Carrillo was a neurosurgeon, neurobiologist, sanitary doctor and the first Minister of Health of the Nation.

Due to high inflation, the circulation of bills increased, since the $1,000 bill was the paper with the highest denomination. Banks and companies demanded a higher denomination bill because they handle large amounts of cash.

According to official data from the Central Bank, as of December 31, there were some 3,086 million units of $1,000 in circulation. As a reference, at the beginning of 2022 the number of bills of that denomination on the street was 1,665 million, which means that in one year the issuance of papers of that denomination increased by 85%.


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