Renting is almost a luxury in the City of Buenos Aires. A survey of the Center for Economic and Social Studies Scalabrini Ortiz (CESO) indicates that in the course of the last year the amounts to be paid increased by 110%.

The figures are alarming. The mean of the prices of the studios for rent is located in $ 78.000. The amount is higher than the minimum living and mobile wage, which registers a value of $67,743. In the case of this type of apartment, the registered annual increase reaches 122.9%.

In the case of departments two roomsMedian rent sits at $85,000. In this case, the registered annual increase is 105%.

departments of three rooms They are rented, in first, at $130,000. In this case, there are variations in prices depending on various characteristics of the apartment and the building in which it is located. In this case, the annual increase was 102.3%.

The increases are clearly located by above headline inflation that measures the Indec. At the beginning of this week, the data corresponding to it was released in relation to January 2023. Annualized, the price increase reaches 98.8%. In other words, almost 12 points less than the general average for the departments and 24 points less than that corresponding to studio apartments.

Rental Prices in Caba – February 2023 Diff 0 by La Izquierda Diario on Scribd


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