This Monday, secondary and secondary students decided to occupy their schools, to remain there as part of the fight that their communities and teachers are carrying out against the reform and for their rights.

Among them the Normal School, the Polimodal and the Agrotechnical. There the students, the teachers, other sectors of the communities and sectors in struggle come together.

La Izquierda Diario is in the place reflecting everything that has been happening in the province.

The Abra Pampa Diary reflected what is experienced in schools, with testimonies from relatives of the young people. “We are not going to loosen up until the reform is approved. And we ask Morales to leave,” said a mother interviewed by the newspaper.

In some of the schools there is presence of police personnel. However, families and neighbors come to support the students, who also paint posters with their slogans. “Down with the reform”. “Freedom of expression”. “Yes to water, no to looting lithium.”

“I value life. The water, fauna, vegetation, I want a healthy environment, I want to have a future”, says the poster that the young man is holding.

Natalia Morales, PTS-FITU deputy who is touring the Quebrada these days, is accompanying the student demand, which is the same as that of all the people of Jujuy. Down with the reform, up with rights. For this reason, the importance of convoking an Assembly of workers, communities and sectors in struggle is approaching in each town. As Abra Pampa shows, unity can strengthen the fight.


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