Absolute majority. The Greek right wing of Kyriakos Mitsotakis achieved a comfortable result in the electoral repetition held this Sunday, prioritized by the electoral law in seats: according to 99.7% of the vote counted, it harvested 40.5% of the votes and 158 seats. Opposite, the Syriza of former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is facing a new setback, with a result of 17.8%, below the 20% obtained on May 21, and 48 seats.

The results would widen the gap from the elections five weeks ago, in which New Democracy won 146 seats to Syriza’s 71.

By count, New Democracy reaches more than half of Parliament’s 300.

Next, Syriza would achieve 48; the Pasok, 32; the KKE, 20; the extreme right of Espartanos, 12; the ultras of Niki (Victoria), 10; the extreme right of Greek Solution, 12; the party of the former president of the Greek Parliament, Freedom Crossing, Zoé Konstantopoulou –former of Syriza and Popular Unity, 8; and the MeRA25 of former Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis, would stay out of the Greek Parliament.

In total, the extreme right could reach 34 seats.

Compared to May 21, New Democracy maintains the percentage, while Syriza loses a little more than two points and Pasok gains a little more than one. The Spartans break in from scratch and Niki’s ultras and Konstantopoulou’s left would manage to exceed the 3% threshold.

The leader of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, made his position available to the party: “It has been the most difficult electoral battle that we have ever fought. The result is negative for us, we have suffered a serious electoral defeat. The electoral result is above all negative for society and democracy. The presence of three far-right parties is negative. The leadership of New Democracy is responsible for this evolution. Quick decisions are needed on the part of Syriza and put an end to attitudes that have cost us dearly. Time is not unlimited. The time horizon for our return is the European elections in a year’s time. For Syriza a cycle has been closed: we will value it with pride, but let us proceed to do what is necessary to open a new cycle. Syriza assumes the responsibilities of the popular vote. Party members will be called upon to judge us all. It goes without saying that in this reconstruction process I will be the first to put myself in the judgment of party members.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has declared: “For the second time, Greece is blue. The people have given us the order to continue on the path of progress and social cohesion. For the first time, New Democracy manages to increase its percentages while being a government. We will live up to the expectations of citizens. We have finally closed the cycle of division that began a decade ago. I feel a great responsibility. Today we will celebrate it, tomorrow we will continue the work. New Democracy is the most powerful centre-right party in Europe. I will be the prime minister of all the Greeks.”

“The vote for Pasok, both in the elections in May and this Sunday, has not been a momentary choice,” commented those responsible for the Socialists: “This vote shows that Pasok is returning and recovering ties of trust with progressive citizens” .

The first phase of the post-electoral period begins on Monday, June 26, with the delivery of the official results of the elections by the President of Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoula, to the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, and the inauguration of the re-elected Prime Minister. Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Key milestones: the announcement of the composition of the new Government is on Monday; the inauguration of the 300 deputies – next Monday, July 3 – and, finally, the reading of the programmatic statements and Parliament’s vote of confidence in the new Government, a few days later.

Source: www.eldiario.es

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