Since last October 8, more than 11,000 people have been murdered in Gaza and the West Bank, of which almost half are children. In turn, more than 1.5 million have had to flee their homes due to the bombings, while the destruction of civil and health infrastructure is causing a true humanitarian catastrophe. The State of Israel is committing a massacre against the Palestinian people, with the endorsement of the United States and the European powers, among other supports, among which in Argentina are that of Javier Milei and Sergio Massa.

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Against this massacre, however, millions of people are rising up around the world., in what is a growing international movement against genocide. In this context, this weekend a new international day of protestconvened by Palestinian women’s organizations and extended to multiple sectors.

In countries like England, historic mobilizations took place this Saturday with more than 800,000 people.

In Buenos Aires a rally took place in Plaza de Mayo, called by Adolfo Perez Esquivel (Peace and Justice Service), Nora Cortiñas (Madres Plaza de Mayo Founding Line), Tilda Rabi (President of the Federation of Argentine-Palestinian Entities), Támara Lalli (Federation of Arab Entities of Argentina – FEARAB), Argentine Committee of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting (EMVYJ), Permanent Assembly of Human Rights APDH, Argentine League for Human Rights LADH, among others ; to social and unemployed organizations and political parties, among them the PTS, PO, MST and IS that make up the Unidad Left Front. Also present are Claudia Korol, Mirta Israel, CTD Aníbal Verón, Convergencia Socialista, Agustina Agüero from the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion, Verónica Gago.

The PTS, which provided the main delegation of the march – led by Myriam Bregman, Christian Castillo and other national leaders -, together with workers and young people, promoted different forms of denouncing the terrible situation in Gaza, such as a flag displayed from the health sector that said “Health workers + students, we do not remain silent in the face of genocide” or the delegations with banners with photos of some of the thousands murdered by the State of Israel, which is part of an international initiative to show the faces and stories behind the thousands murdered in Gaza.

To end the mobilization, the following document was read:


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