Judge Sebastián Ramos at the Political Trial Commission. Meanwhile, deputies from the right-wing opposition withdraw from the meeting | Photo Leo Vaca – Telam

“The Federal Intelligence Agency and the intelligence services they were advancing in their activities. We are talking about irregular operation of the entire judiciary. This gets worse day by day. If we do not put a limit on this relationship between the intelligence services and the Judiciary, the handling of eavesdroppinglos abuse of authoritywe are going to have a Republic in which individual rights will be lost”.

The preceding sentence was said this Wednesday by no less than a federal judge, Alejo Ramos Padillabefore the Impeachment Commission from Chamber of Deputies of the Nation. The owner of the Federal Court 1 of La Plata (whose promotion to the magistracy was promoted by Kirchnerism) had been summoned to testify in that commission, in the framework of the process of impeachment which is followed by the four members of the Supreme Court of the Nation.

Ramos Padilla had received a motorized complaint in his court for Axel Kicillof to investigate the murky relationship between the Buenos Aires Minister of Security Marcelo D’Alessandro y Silvio Roblesthe trusted secretary of the President of the Court, Horace Rosatti. The La Plata judge agreed with the Buenos Aires Government that this should be investigated, but said that he should not do it but rather a judge from Comodoro Py.

Alejo Ramos Padilla |  Photo Leo Vaca - Telam
Alejo Ramos Padilla | Photo Leo Vaca – Telam

Precisely in the Courts of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro “works” Sebastian Ramosowner of National Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 2. He is the one who, in collaboration with the prosecutor Carlos Stornelliclosed the open case there to investigate the glassy exchange of messages between D’Alessandro and Robles. Ramos also appeared this Wednesday before the Political Trial Commission of Deputies. But to say that he testified is an exaggeration.

The man who could explain the reasons that led him to file (in less than 24 hours) such a spicy file, he only went to say that he was not going to say a word more than what he had already written in his ruling. She only added praise to the “investigation” of Starlingswhose conclusions led to the request for closure of the case because the evidence against D’Alessandro y Robles had been obtained with illegal espionage. And he also denied any relationship with the Minister of Security (now on leave) of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

But if Ramos He thought he could go, say nothing and go home quietly, he was wrong. While the deputies of the Front of All They asked the judge questions trying to get him to step on the stick, the Commission began to resonate what various media outlets financed by or allied to the ruling party were disseminating. It was about a new series of chats of the last years extracted from the cell phone of D’Alessandro. Who are you talking to, among others, on this occasion? with the judge himself Ramos. Bingo.

One (well, one more) of spies

Two things must be noted that, although it may seem, are not contradictory. On the one hand, except for references when passing about possible tasks of “editing” and “adulteration” of the content of the leaked communications, for almost three months neither D’Alessandro nor any of his friends of Telegram (from judges and prosecutors to managers of Clarion) they denied those daily contacts or the content of the conversations.

On the other hand, except for the occasional timid expression of “concern”, both the journalism as the civil service officialistas sweep illegal espionage under the rug with which information is obtained that, converted into “news”, is used based on the electoral dispute between the ruling coalitions.

At the same meeting of the Committee on Impeachment of Deputies, Myriam Bregman denounced without ambiguity: “Here the first thing we have to transcend is this scandalous espionage from which Justice is not exempt. ‘Governments pass, intelligence services remain’told an ESMA repressor to Victor Basterra when he was released, but Justice is part of this scaffolding and that is what we are analyzing here”.

The deputy of PTS in the Left Front He added as an example that in mid-March the trial against Americo Balbuenaspy of the Federal police who, after 2001, infiltrated the Rodolfo Walsh News Agency (to carry out intelligence against popular organizations from there) and was only discovered in 2013 by an internal force.

It is worth saying that Balbuena religiously collected his salary and never stopped reporting to his superiors (two of whom also go to trial) during much of the governments of nestor y Cristina Kirchner. A fact that is not minor, since it clearly confirms that unpunished definition of a genocide to a survivor of the ESMA.

Since 2013 Bregman is a lawyer for the lawsuit in the case against balbuena. Despite the innumerable evidence against the spy and his bosses, and despite the recognition of the national State regarding the support of the “pen” for more than a decade in this illegal function, the trial against those guilty of such an attack on the organizations popular will become just ten years after the complaint was made y more than twenty years after the start of that espionage.

In his complaint this Wednesday in Deputies, Bregman He recalled that another case for illegal espionage has been sleeping for twelve years in Comodoro Py. This is the complaint against the so-called “Project X”the clandestine intelligence system run by gendarmerie and discovered in November 2011 by the persecuted organizations themselves. System run by the Security Minister Nilda Garre tried to justify saying that “it was only a software”.

And what do we do with the chats?

The conversations, never denied, that Marcelo D’Alessandro He had for years with judges, prosecutors, businessmen and intelligence services do not stand up to much scrutiny. Purchase and sale of favors, personal wrongs, meetings in clubs and in exclusive places such as hidden lake, delivery of cars and other goods in exchange for express procedures. All between “friends” who throw flowers for the achievements and wishes of good luck in the face of compromising events.

Marcelo D'Alessandro |  Instagram photos
Marcelo D’Alessandro | Instagram photos

Meanwhile, Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Elisa Carrion, Christian Ritondo (they also leaked their chats), Gerardo Morales, Facundo Manes, Diego Santilli, Mary Eugenia Vidal and other references of Together for Change they look the other way and laugh so as not to cry. No way Javier Mileyfor whom those rogue caste customs seem irrelevant.

The political crisis which they go through the two ruling coalitions It is so deep and of such uncertain resolution that, beyond the speeches and the gestures, even the “progressivism” and the “republicanism” what they profess are resigned in pursuit of obtaining the next shelving with which to change the public agenda in favor of their partisan interests.

Of course, those who throw themselves “with everything” to dispute the votes of the majorities They have no qualms about agreeing without cracks when it comes to adjusting the pocket of the working class and the impoverished peopleof pay dollar for dollar to the IMF and to continue defunding areas such as health, education, living place o social development.

At the gates of the electoral campaign that will define who will govern from next December 10, nothing makes you think that both the ruling party and the right-wing opposition they will abandon the already naturalized method of illegal espionage, the “hacking” with political endorsement of personal information sources and other resources to put together the “bundles” that are then provided to newspapers, portals, channels, radios and networks of the stick.

that’s the most worrisome y daredevil. That those who fill their mouths talking about “human rights”, “democracy” y “republic” justify that illegal intelligence is good or bad depending on who governs or, on the other hand, deny racketeering and negotiated between the powerful because they arose as a product of that illegal intelligence, it is something else dangerous for the working people and their organizations.

There are plenty of examples in the last decades of armed criminal cases contra demonstrators, activists of environmental, human rights, indigenous and gender causes, delegates y leaders workers and social workers, among others popular referents.

In virtually all of these processes, judges y prosecutors relied on the “investigative” tasks carried out by policemen, gendarmes, prefects, penitentiaries y “napkins” who infiltrate organizations, tap phones, follow up on people, and “bust” private devices and confidential databases. As Americo Balbuenahe Project X, the bases of the AFI that the macrismo installed in the AMBA and many other emblematic cases.

While the Front of All y Together for Change the clothes are torn in search of little credible transparencies, spies keep spying y the scams and negotiated do not end. If “this worsens day by day”, as the judge affirmed this Wednesday Ramos Padillaobviously the solution does not pass through change officials like fuses nor in give courses on human rights, morality and good manners in police academies. Es a structural, capitalist and class issuewhose central victims always end up being those who fight and organize from below.

Being clear about this is essential. Not only for clarify how to organize ourselves y what should we take care ofbut also to be increasingly clear against whom we must fight to finally dismantle the rancid cellars and rotten sewers of the State.

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