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This Thursday the Coordinator against Police and Institutional Repression (Correpi) presented its annual report “Cases of People Murdered by the Repressive Apparatus of the State”with information updated as of February 20, 2024. It was at the headquarters of ATE of Belgrano 2527 of the City of Buenos Aires and on the presentation panel were María del Carmen Verdúmaximum reference of Corrupted; Myriam Bregmannational representative of PTS-FITU and reference of Center of Professionals for Human Rights (CeProDH)the national representative of UxP Natalia Zaracho and there was a musical closing by the rapper Willy Bronca.

With the auditorium practically full, Verdu The presentation of the report began, which can be seen in full at the end of this note. Previously, a video was shown showing many of the emblematic cases followed by Corrupted in these decades.

With the update to February, since December 10, 1983, the number of people murdered by the state repressive apparatus, according to CorruptedIt amounts to 9.175. This number includes both deaths in custody and in places of confinement as well as trigger-happy triggering at the hands of uniformed officers, forced disappearances and deaths in social protests.

Among the most relevant data in the report are those on deaths at the hands of the State that occurred during the entire government of Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner y Sergio Massa. And also those already harvested by the management of Javier Miley y Victoria Villarruel. In the case of Peronism, between December 10, 2019 and December 10, 2023, they were murdered 1.924 personas (384 only in 2023, more than one death per day). In the case of the months that he has been governing Freedom Advances The figure, as of February 20, is 60 deaths registered (at the rate of a crime every 29 hours).

The reference of Corrupted He contextualized those numbers, marking similarities and differences between the different government administrations that took place (especially in recent years). In that sense, Verdu He stressed that the government of mercy y Villarruel raises “the growth of trigger-happy and arbitrary detentions, hand in hand with the updating of repressive protocols and the legislative reform projects promoted by Patricia Bullrich” and “the threat of greater criminalization of children and adolescents, at the proposal of the Minister of Justice Mariano Cúneo Libaronawhom we met defending extortionist and murderous police more than 20 years ago.”

All this on the basis “inherited” by Freedom Advances of his predecessors, with Increasing levels of prison overcrowding (which includes police stations illegally overcrowded with detainees) and a greater firepower in the hands of police, gendarmes, prefects and prisons.

In this framework, according to official data from the judicial field, almost half of the detained people are technically innocent, since there are no final sentences regarding them that determine their guilt. Only 58.3% of those who populate the country’s prisons have a sentence. “The causes of this massive increase in the incarceration rate do not correspond to a similar increase in crime rates in the same period, which, on the contrary, decreased,” he says. Corrupted, for whom “this brutal discrepancy can only be explained by the successive legislative reforms and jurisprudential changes” that reinforced, government after government, the inhuman and degrading situation in which places of confinement are today. The deaths that occur there are, strictly speaking, an almost logical consequence of the punitive-penitentiary framework.

“We know that demanding compliance with any (anti-repressive) measure from the government of adjustment, easy triggering and repression is absurd. But That’s not why we are going to lower our flags and stop saying the same things we have been saying for decades.“, he concluded Verdu, demanding that the demands of the anti-repressive agenda “take embodiment in the social body” and “become a demand” that transcends human rights organizations. To do this, he remembered that maxim of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo which has become the heritage of a good part of society: “The only fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned”.

Another of the interventions, in addition to Verdu y Zarachowas that of Myriam Bregmandeputy of PTS and former presidential candidate Left Front and Workers Unity (FITU). Minutes before she had participated in the concentration against Cine Gaumont in defense of National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Incaa)where precisely the Buenos Aires Police term repressing (with special viciousness against the press) and arresting protesters.

Bregman began by demanding the sustained work of Corrupted and his file, “putting name, surname, age, neighborhood, province, to those kids that the Police kill every day, who are part of that control social brutal that exercises the capitalist state and that it is part of keeping the population in line, which is complemented by the repression of social protest”.

Bregman remembered the struggles that since Left Front have carried forward in these years against all types of repressive legislation (mostly promoted by the United States Department of State and its institutional satellites) that, government after government, the ruling classes try to naturalize to reinforce social control and repression of the struggles of working people.

“Any restriction on democratic freedoms, inevitably, turns against the people,” stated the deputy of the FAT. Hence the systematic opposition of the left, in the Congress And in the streetsto all those repressive laws (“penal inflation”, he described them) whose consequences after having been approved “are those that have just been said Maria del Carmenthese laws are not harmless and produce more deaths in prisons”.

As an example of this panorama, Bregman put the former governor of Jujuy Gerardo Moraleswho “armed himself with a completely addicted Justice” and made “all the changes that any highly authoritarian government “I would do to be able to control.” Logically, in the brutal repressions of 2023 against the mobilizations that rejected the reform of the Constitution of the province and in the persecution and arrests of workers who committed the “crime” of expressing themselves on social networksthe concrete effects of these policies are seen, endorsed by Peronism allied to Morales.

And he added another resonant fact of recent years, which was the brutal repression and arrests of Mapuche women and children in the community Lafken Winkul Mapu from Villa Masacardi (Río Negro) at the hands of the government of Front of Allcon Anibal Fernandez (“another old acquaintance”) at the head.

He also recalled everything that happened during the covid-19 pandemic (which he had referred to in detail Verdu), with cases of Facundo Astudillo Castro (province of Buenos Aires, governorate of Axel Kicillof) y Luis Espinosa (Tucumán, governorate of Juan Manzur), where police brutality was complemented by “political complicity, covering up the police or their bosses, like Sergio Berni”. And he also mentioned the brutal repression of thousands of homeless families in Guernicaa case like few in which “violence against the most humble sectors is evident”.

“Adjustment does not happen without repression”he sentenced Bregman. And he stated that Patricia Bullrich“with all his voracity and his desire to demonstrate that his ideological reversal has no limits,” is demonstrating that “the brutal plan that Javier Mileycon Caputo y Sturzeneggerwants to exert it on the population, he is going to apply it in the only possible way.”

He also highlighted that, within the framework of this entire course of social control and repression of the people, “Rosario exploded”, in reference to the shocking events of recent weeks. He highlighted that one of the main problems in this situation is “the financial laws of our country”which not coincidentally were promulgated by the dictatorship and “that in all the years after no one dared to repeal them”.

“It is a conquest of imperialism, of the United States, of the great powers and financial corporations that this country is the kingdom of wash and run. The value of an Argentine GDP is leaked abroad. That is not talked about. As Nor is there any talk about how drug trafficking is sustained.“, he declared Bregmanadding that “if the washing scaffolding is not dismantled, the truth is that they are making things easier for them.”

And he warned that “We are starting to talk about ‘anti-terrorist laws’. The laws that one votes on are not harmless, ever. Correpi and CeProDH were among those who strongly opposed when the anti-terrorist laws were discussed, later modified under the management of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. We said ‘be careful, governments pass, laws remain and they are always there for someone to use again’”. Laws that the “republican” Bullrich questioned in the past for opportunism and today recovers them for his own benefit.

Finally Bregman proposed the need to gather massively on Sunday, March 24 in Plaza de Mayo, 48 years after the genocidal coup of 1976. “We are going to build a great mobilization, we know that we have a discussion about that. We believe, taking everything that was said here, that It is very important that there is a huge mobilization, that we discuss the denialist ideas of this government, that we discuss against the promotion of impunity, against the anti-picketing protocol and repression. Because the only effective measure we have is massiveness.”

“From the Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting we say that We must have the possibility of pointing out, in a document, all those who are responsible for us having reached this repressive situation. and this social situation that is cultivation broth on which all these characters stand. We meet again in the streets. Unity, fight and organization“, he concluded Bregman.

The event ended with the interventions of the deputy Natalia Zaracho and the artist Willy Broncawhich can be seen in full in the video that accompanies this note.

Archive of Cases of People Murdered by the State Repressive Apparatus 1983-2023

Corr Antirepressive File… by daniel.satur18


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