Starting in February, the pockets of the working and popular majorities will receive a new and hard blow: the increase in gas rates. This Monday the Public Hearing 104 summoned by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas) in which, on the one hand, the companies and, on the other hand, the Government represented by Eduardo Rodríguez ChirilloSecretary of Energy.

– What did the Government say?

Cyril reported that, starting in February and ending in April, the 33% reduction in subsidies will be applied in each of those months, that is, the total removal of subsidies. The impact that users will receive on their bills will be strong: it is estimated that it will be five times more than now.

Cyril He also confirmed that in the case of electricity there will also be a high rate. And that subsidies will only be maintained for “vulnerable sectors” and with “maximum volumes.” From now on, rates will be defined based on a Basic Energy Basket. On the other hand, he also revealed that the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo plans to reduce the subsidized consumption limits from 400 to 200 kilowatts.

– What did the companies say?

Their representatives asked for increases ranging from 400% to 700%. Yes, they listened well. An atrocity. To take the magnitude, it is worth remembering that during Maurio Macri’s government, in two years public service rates increased more than 1,600%. Which brought millionaire profits to the privatized companies, concessionaires of public services.

Rate increases in public services is one of the key requests of the FMI for a long time. The previous government had already applied strong increases and established a segmental increase scheme. Now the Government speaks of a “new conceptualization” of the tariff issue. Which is nothing more than a brutal price.

This January 24 there will be a general strike with mobilization. We must prepare everything from each of our workplaces, neighborhood, etc., and make it active. We must defeat the DNU, the Omnibus law and the entire Mile adjustment plan.


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