Last Friday he broke the Sillicon Valley Banka commercial bank in the United States, which knew how to include among its clients companies and entrepreneurs of the multi-billion dollar technology industry Yankee. The event unleashed a banking and financial crisis that infected the European Union and, despite the fact that the North American State intervened with the promise of saving the bulging accounts of clients and maintaining their line of credit: the ghost of the financial crash of 2008 did not dissipates.

It is in these crises typical of the irrationality of the capitalist system where the liberals – wrongly called libertarians – show the threadbare.

Public money to save businessmen: yes

Such was the case of the Buenos Aires deputy from Freedom Advances, Ramiro Marracolleague of Javier Miley. Among the angry tweets that he dedicated all day against the piquetero organizations, he paused to claim that “with yours” – he could say to the North American “taxpayers” – they are going to save the clients of the Silicon Valley Bank.

Yes, those who want “put a bomb in the Central Bank“Now they are relieved that the US Federal Reserve (FED) is taking over save the profits and businesses of the rich entrepreneurs from the technology industry and it seems good that the Yankee State intervenes to contain the crisis of the banking and financial system.

oh but they militate the prejudice that the poor workers of the Potenciar Trabajo plan “live off the State” and they want to put them in jail when they take to the streets to mobilize.

It’s clear whose side the libertarian “empathy” is on. Hours before, Marra tweeted a poll with the question: Were your assets affected by the fall of Silicon Valley Bank?

Skinny, I don’t have light“, responded a twitter user, among other comments that made him look ridiculous. The concerns of the working and poor people pass him by.

Public money for salaries, education and health: no

For the whole day Ramiro Marra he was distilling anger against the most precarious workers and workers, those who earn half a minimum wage for a labor consideration without rights. The Picket Unit took to the streets again in the face of the drop in plans promoted by the minister Victoria Toulouse Peace (Front of All), and demanding food for soup kitchens and genuine work.

But it is clear that the extreme right rejects the intervention of the State, only when it represents rights for the working people and the popular majorities. Not for nothing, Christian Castillo told him in the middle of a television debate “You hate the poor, Marra!”

how many times have you screamed Javier Miley on television channels or in the Chamber of Deputies that public spending is “immoral”. mercy, Marra and the libertarians, are against public health, public education, pensions and wages. They want to privatize everything and apply reforms that liquidate all labor rights.

That’s why, Marra he wants to imprison those who take to the streets to fight against the adjustment and he even wanted to promote an anti-picket movement; but if they touch the pocket of businessmen, it does not bother him so much that his profits are saved with public money.

And, already in the campaign for this electoral year, he runs it from the right to Horacio Rodriguez Larretafor not promoting repression and the eviction of poor families that mobilize.


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