Forbes recently announced its entry into The Sandbox Metaverse. This is an important step for the media giant towards Web3 and digital real estate. By purchasing virtual land in The Sandbox, Forbes aims to create a permanent presence in this vast online world.

The Sandbox, known for its interactive and user-generated content, provides a platform where Forbes plans to create a community hub. This space promotes interaction, involvement and collaboration between participants. It brings together thinkers, leaders and innovators to transcend traditional media engagement methods.

The virtual estate that Forbes envisions will include several features. These include a luxurious swimming pool, an elegant bar and a gallery of the 2024 Under 30 recipients. These elements underscore the company’s effort to create an attractive and visually stimulating user environment within the metaverse.

“Our entry into The Sandbox Metaverse is a testament to Forbes’ commitment to embracing the cutting edge of technology innovation. By establishing a permanent presence in this digital realm, we are opening new avenues for our community to connect, learn and grow together in ways previously unthinkable,” said Taha Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer of Forbes.

Interactive experiences

Forbes’ approach also includes the use of interactive experiences such as a scavenger hunt with QR codes located throughout the virtual estate, directing participants to exclusive content and insights.

This move by Forbes in The Sandbox points to a broader trend among companies exploring the metaverse as a new frontier for digital engagement and brand extension. It’s worth noting that following the announcement, The Sandbox’s native token, SAND, experienced a 3% price increase, from $0.51 to a peak of $0.53.

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