Fetch.ai is a cryptographic AI project based on Cosmoswith the aim of enhancing resources, computational capacity and training opportunities for developers, while also offering GPU credits to users.

Fetch.ai’s native token, FET, saw an increase of 360% from 2023, with a notable increase from $0.6 to an all-time high of $2.84partly due to the v0.17 update in early February and the bull market.

After the growth of 56% in the last 7 days, the value of FET has reached $2.59while the market cap stands at approximately 2.2 billion dollars.

The rally allowed FET to appear in the top rankings 50 cryptocurrencies by market capbefore dropping two places.

The increase in value of the FET was also related to a major announcement from the Fetch.AI Foundation on March 5, 2024.

The organization presented “Fetch Compute” as a central component of a considerable investment from 100 million dollars aimed at promoting the artificial intelligence economy.

This new initiative is based on the use of high-end Nvidia graphics processors, including the H200, H100 and A100 models. The goal is clear: accelerate innovation within the Fetch.ai ecosystem.

Thanks to the funding of Fetch Ecosystem Fundthis innovative step addresses the global GPU shortage, providing developers and users with high computing capabilities for developing advanced models and solutions.

Fetch.ai Predictions

Analysts are optimistic about the future of Fetch.ai, predicting that the value of the FET token could reach $1.924919 by April 5th.

Market sentiment for the cryptocurrency is positive: Crypto Rover announced that it had purchased FET at a value of $0.70, predicting an increase in the market cap to $40-60 billion.

Global In/Out of the Money (GIOM) bought 18.350 FET at an average value of $1.82, reflecting positive market sentiment for the asset.

The interest in Fetch.ai and cryptocurrencies based on artificial intelligence have led traders to also invest in the meme coin’s presale Scotty The AI.

The cheap alternative to Fetch.ai: Scotty The AI

Scotty The AI ​​is an artificial intelligence-based cryptocurrency labeled as same cornerbut which actually has a utility within its ecosystem.

In fact, the native SCOTTY token will be necessary to access the main features of the platform, namely the AI ​​exchange Scotty Swap e il chatbot IA Scotty Chat.

Scotty Swap it is capable of storing transactions, blocks and hashes recorded on the blockchain, analyzing huge amounts of data in seconds.

This is an effective solution for monitoring the state of the network and allowing human programmers to improve the security of the blockchain.

Scotty Chat it was designed to help traders navigate the cryptocurrency market. The chatbot will be able to make useful suggestions, providing information and predictions on the value of digital assets.

The project raised more than 3.8 million dollars, with the value of the SCOTTY token set to increase at each stage of the presale. Currently, the SCOTTY token has a value of $0.0083 and you can purchase it via ETH, USDT or credit card.

The SCOTTY purchased during the pre-sale can be staked to obtain passive rewards based on the APY, currently at 52%.

The total project bid is 1.734.567.890 SCOTTY, of which 30% will be used for presale. The remaining 70% will be distributed across staking, development, liquidity and marketing.

The development team intends to promote SCOTTY on the market with a well-studied marketing campaign, to support the value of the token and attract more and more traders. The goal is to obtain listing on important CEXs such as Coingecko e Coinmarketcap.

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