The PP has launched into the electoral campaign under the mantra of repealing ‘sanchismo’, but Alberto Núñez Feijóo has stepped on the brakes regarding the labor reform. After pointing out that he would make significant changes to the legislative framework endorsed by the European Commission after an agreement within the framework of social dialogue, the conservative candidate now says that this agreement is “very important” and that he will “respect” it. “I understand that this reform is substantially a good reform,” said the PP leader at a press conference in Brussels, where he participated in a meeting of his political family prior to the European Council. The PP voted against that initiative, which was saved by the mistake of its deputy Alberto Casero.

Spain risks millions in fines from Brussels if Feijóo repeals the labor reform or the housing law


“Among my proposals, modifying the labor reform is not there,” replied Feijóo, who explained that he will address the matter with the unions and employers: “If the unions and employers understand that the reform must remain intact, it will not be part of my priorities”. “What I will do is listen to the sectors, both the unions and the automotive employers’ association, which have transferred many rigidities to us to keep Spain as the leader of the assembly”, he said by way of example.

That would be one of the “adjustments” to which he has now referred that he will make in the Spanish labor framework. “If there is an adjustment to be made, we will do it; but the trunk of the labor reform will remain ”, Feijóo reiterated, who a few days ago defended the “Austrian backpack ”as part of the dismantling of the labor reform that he intended to undertake if he came to the Government. Any change that Spain makes regarding the agreements reached with Brussels within the framework of the recovery funds has to be discussed again with the European Commission so as not to put the disbursement of money at risk.

Despite the fact that the conservatives voted against the labor reform agreed upon by employers and workers, Feijóo has said that it is “the reform of the PP with some adjustments.”

The leader of the PP has once again taken advantage of his presence in Brussels to question the management of the European funds that the Government of Pedro Sánchez is doing, despite the fact that Spain is the country that is most advanced in the recovery plan and has even put into It is a question that the fourth disbursement will be received given that some of the milestones planned for 2023 have not been achieved. The European Commission has always congratulated Spain for the work carried out with respect to the funds and downplays the fact that the specified calendar is not met , given that no country follows it to the letter and it is indicative.

“We do not share the orientation of a good part of those plans. It is evident that they have failed, we have to reconsider those plans without jeopardizing the transfer of funds”, Feijóo has expressed, convinced that if he governs he will be able to reformulate the recovery plan in line with the European Commission and has referred to some issues punctual of the industry or to the PERTES.

The same day that the inflation data was known, which is the lowest since 2021, Feijóo has said that he is happy, but has placed the emphasis on core inflation. He has also questioned the progress of the Spanish economy and has assured that it is, “along with the Czech Republic, the one that has grown the least.” However, Spain has been growing above the European average for several quarters now. The leader of the PP takes the last four years as a reference, including 2020, when Spanish GDP fell more than that of neighboring countries due to the characteristics of the Spanish system, highly supported by tourism and the services sector, which suffered a collapse without precedents with the pandemic.

Before the press conference, Feijóo met with the leaders of the European People’s Party, who are euphoric after having caught their breath in Greece or Finland; and they have all their expectations set on Spain, which would become the largest country in which they regain power. According to Feijóo, they have not been interested in the agreements with the extreme right when he has explained the electoral results and the post-electoral agreements, although he has emphasized that the PP has allowed the Socialists to govern in Barcelona and Vitoria.

In fact, Feijóo has urged his candidate in Extremadura, María Guardiola, to reach an agreement with Vox as soon as possible to avoid the electoral repetition of which she herself said she was not afraid when she broke off talks with the ultra-right due to her refusal to give him space. in a coalition government: “Let it be done quickly, because going back to elections is bad for Extremadura.”

Feijóo has ordered Guardiola to “look for change”, but he has removed himself from a possible pact with Vox that could affect him in the 23J campaign: “Guardiola will be the one who has to close that agreement, the contents and the scope of the same”. The PP leader thus maintains pressure on the regional leader of Extremadura, who resumed talks with the ultras after attending the inauguration of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, where she coincided with her leader.


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