The 137th seat achieved by the PP after the recount of the vote of Spaniards residing abroad – the CERA vote – is still not enough for Alberto Núñez Feijóo to become the new Prime Minister. Despite the continuous appeals of his party for the others to allow the most voted list to govern, a premise that the PP demands when it is first but does not apply when it is second, the numbers still do not guarantee the investiture of Feijóo.

Feijóo and Abascal secretly ate last Wednesday for two hours in a private hotel in Madrid


The PSOE has already ruled out any entente with the popular ones that a right-wing government facilitates despite the pressure from Feijóo’s team and the conservative media terminals. The Socialists remember how just a week ago, during the electoral campaign, the same PP that is now asking for their support wanted to “repeal ‘sanchismo'” and how it carried out a very harsh strategy against the Government, which Feijóo and his followers came to accuse of “filoetarra” for their parliamentary agreements.

The PNV also distanced itself last week from any possibility of supporting the PP. And the general secretary of the popular, Cuca Gamarra, has rejected this Monday the way of negotiating with Junts his abstention, a controversial option raised over the weekend by the deputy secretary of Regional and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán, but that now Genoa 13 assures, concisely, that “it is not on the table”.

Even in the face of an agreement with the extreme right and with UPN – which has already said it would support it – and the possible support of the Canary Islands Coalition – which maintains the ambiguity despite its rejection of any pact that incorporates Vox – the investiture of Feijóo would count, in principle, with only 172 votes in favor and 178 against.

The Galician leader’s lack of options is recognized by the only political force that has guaranteed him a ‘yes’ in a hypothetical investiture. “Unfortunately, the result allows Pedro Sánchez to be president and here the reality is that Mr. Feijóo is not going to be president in any of the scenarios,” said the leader of UPN, Javier Esparza, in an interview on Antena 3 on Monday. “It will have more votes against than in favor,” he added, before this possible investiture. And he even went further and told the PP that “people cannot be fooled” by making them believe that there are options for a right-wing Executive.

Secret meeting between Feijóo and Abascal

The result of 23J, unexpected, according to the polls that guaranteed a comfortable majority of the right, has also confronted the PP with Vox, the political force with which, paradoxically, it governs in communities and town halls thanks to agreements reached just two weeks ago , as is the case of Extremadura. This Monday it was learned that while both parties reproached each other for the unpredictable lack of mobilization of the right-wing at the polls, Feijóo held a secret meeting with Abascal last week to discuss the results of the general elections. The leadership of the PP did not want to give more explanations about the content of those conversations. has been able to learn that it was a meal that took place on Wednesday, lasted for more than two hours and was in the private room of a hotel in the north of Madrid.

The PP maintains its strategy despite the evidence that they do not give it the numbers and although it knows that the PSOE is not even considering facilitating Feijóo, the leader who insulted it throughout the campaign, to reach Moncloa. This Monday, Gamarra demanded that Sánchez “abandon the slamming policy” and meet with Feijóo, something that the acting Prime Minister already told him on Sunday that he would do. It was by letter, in response to the one Feijóo sent him. And Sánchez showed his willingness to meet, although not this week, as the PP leader requested, but once the Cortes are constituted, on August 17, and when the king begins a round of contacts with possible candidates for the investiture.

Sánchez “should put aside his vacations to get to work for the future of Spain,” in Gamarra’s opinion. For the same leadership of the PP that in recent years has accused him of setting up a “regime” and of acting “against the Constitution”, now the leader of the PSOE is “the first candidate who refuses to recognize the result and meet with whom he has won the elections”. For Genoa 13, Sánchez should “assume the message of the polls and act accordingly”, considering that the message of the polls has been “clear, resounding and forceful” because the “137 seats of the PP are more than the 121 of the PSOE ”.

Sánchez speaks of a progressive “social majority”

Just a few minutes after Gamarra, in that appearance, assured that with the PP “there are no hidden pacts”, the aforementioned secret meal between Feijóo and Abascal was known, recognized by Genoa 13, but which the leadership of the popular refused to give more details. “As the winner of the elections, my duty is to listen to the rest of the parties. I am not going to accept in any case that it is intended to convert half of the Spanish into a minority. Marginalizing millions of citizens is not forming majorities, but dividing the country ”, Feijóo himself later justified himself in a tweet in which he insisted on his claim to appear for an inauguration, despite not having the necessary support.

“First of all: clarify to all Spaniards the details of that secret meeting with Vox,” the PSOE spokeswoman and acting Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, responded on the same social network. “The second thing: do not hide. We know that she is ashamed of the photos with her ally Abascal, but then they agree to cut rights where they govern without contemplation or shame, ”she settled.

After the epistolary exchange on Sunday, it was Sánchez – and not Feijóo – who reappeared publicly this Monday in a video aimed at highlighting the PSOE’s refusal to facilitate Feijóo’s investiture but also the claim to reissue a progressive government. “The message from the polls has shown that those who propose the repeal and setback are not the majority and that, therefore, Spain can continue to grow and create jobs, while we continue to advance in social rights and coexist in diversity”, pointed out the acting head of the Executive.

Sánchez is “convinced that there is a broad social majority to continue advancing.” “What’s more, I am convinced that this majority can be expanded to also incorporate people who distanced themselves from the progressive government due to the fatigue of these hard years or as a consequence of the intense propaganda deployed by the PP and Vox duo,” he added, to settle: “Now it is time to translate that social majority into a parliamentary majority in the Congress of Deputies. And it is what we are going to do as soon as the Cortes are constituted: work to achieve an investiture that allows us to continue advancing four more years ”.


How to stop the lies

The 23J campaign has made clear the tremendous importance of the free press, which depends on its readers and owes nothing to anyone else. The vast majority of the big media are owned by banks, funds and large communication groups. The vast majority of them have whitewashed the ultras and are under the control of the agenda set by the right.

That is why we ask for your support. We need to grow. Hire more journalists. Reinforce our local editions against the lies of the local and regional governments of the extreme right. Sign more investigative reporters. We need to reach more people, build a bigger newspaper, capable of countering the brutal wave of conservative propaganda that we are going to face. And that will leave small what we have experienced in this dirty electoral campaign.

If you care about the future of this country, support us. Today we need you more than ever because our work is more necessary than ever. Become a member, become a member, of


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