Colombian President Gustavo Petro, Argentine President Javier Milei, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Argentine President Javier Milei unleashed a diplomatic crisis with Colombia after calling its president, Gustavo Petro, a “terrorist murderer.” It was during an interview that he gave to CNN in Spanish that will be broadcast next Sunday but of which some fragments emerged this Wednesday.

In the same report, Milei treats Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as “ignorant,” while he makes a close defense of the actions of the State of Israel and the genocide it carries out on the Palestinian population, under the argument that it is “legitimate.” defending”.

After learning of the offenses against Petro, the Government of Colombia ordered the expulsion of diplomats from the Argentine Embassy in Bogotá on Wednesday night.

This was reported by the Foreign Ministry in a statement in which it said that “the Government of Colombia orders the expulsion of diplomats from the Argentine embassy in Colombia”, without specifying the number of those affected, and added: “The scope of this decision will be communicated to the Argentine Embassy through diplomatic institutional channels”.

“This is not the first time that Mr. Milei offends the Colombian president, affecting the historic relations of brotherhood between Colombia and Argentina,” recalls the Foreign Ministry and points out that these expressions and other previous ones by the Argentine president “have deteriorated the trust of our nation, in addition to offending the dignity of President Petro, who was democratically elected.”

This is not the first time that Milei puts relations with Colombia at risk. On January 26, the Government of Colombia called its ambassador in Argentina, Camilo Romero, for consultations after Milei said that Petro “is a murderous communist who is sinking” the country.

A month later, on February 24, the Colombian Government once again expressed its “strong rejection” of what it described as “irresponsible statements” by Milei for a new offense against Petro, whom it referred to as “a plague.”

In response to Milei’s repeated offenses, Petro also responded on other occasions by comparing the Argentine president to the dictators Jorge Rafael Videla and the Chilean Augusto Pinochet.

Milei’s accusations of Petro as a “terrorist murderer” for his guerrilla past, despite the fact that Petro has been part of the Colombian political regime for decades, contrast widely with the praise for the State of Israel and its actions in Gaza, which he defends. despite the genocide that is carried out. An action that more closely fits the description of “terrorist murderer.”

While international organizations such as Unicef, the UN refugee agency and even the UN general assembly itself have denounced Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian population as a new ethnic cleansing, war crimes or a level of destruction and famine that is not seen in decades, Milei has become the main defender of the Zionist state offensive.

Not only was it the first country he visited as president, but he justifies the ongoing genocide with the same arguments as the butcher Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his cabinet: the supposed right of self-defense. It is under this premise, after the Hamas attacks on October 7, Israel unleashed an attack and occupation on Gaza and a wave of neo-colonization on the West Bank, which has already claimed the lives of more than 32,000 Palestinians, mostly girls, boys, women and elderly. It also destroyed most of the civilian infrastructure, homes, entire buildings, schools and hospitals, in what were constituted as true war crimes.

However, Milei said in the interview with CNN that: “Israel received a brutal attack and these types of things require exemplary responses,” he said before clarifying that “I expressed my solidarity with Israel and one of the things that I maintained from the first moment is to guarantee Israel’s right to self-defense”. She also noted that “In fact, everything Israel is doing is all doing within the rules of the game. Israel is not committing a single excess.”

The idea of ​​excesses is already reprehensible coming from the president of a country where a genocidal dictatorship used that term to define the most brutal atrocities that included murders, kidnappings and disappearances of people. In the case of Israel, Milei directly positions himself as the main defender of the Israeli genocide, even when the powers that support the Zionist State, including the United States and several European countries, have been asking Netanyahu for an immediate ceasefire in the face of evidence. of the massacre that is being carried out, which is not only denounced by various international organizations but has already launched an international movement of support for the Palestinian cause such as has not been seen for decades.


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