The head of European Union diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in an interview with CNN, clarified that the EU’s support for Ukraine is based on the interests of the bloc and the United States, and not exclusively out of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Borrell highlighted the importance of preventing a Russian victory in the conflict, pointing out that such an outcome would be harmful to both Europe and the US.

“We cannot allow Russia to win this war. Otherwise, the interests of the US and Europe will be harmed,” explained Borrell, emphasizing that the issue transcends generosity or affection for the Ukrainian people.

Support is seen as a strategic necessity, aimed at preserving the US position as a trusted global partner and security provider for its allies. In this context, Borrell called on the United States to approve the supplementary budget for Ukrainian support.

The European Union, according to Borrell, is committed to stepping up its support for Ukraine as quickly and effectively as possible.

This determination was reiterated after a summit held last Friday, the 22nd, where EU leaders assured a continued commitment to providing the necessary support to Ukraine, “for as long as necessary and with the necessary intensity”.

Borrell’s statement highlights the complexity of international relations and the influence of strategic interests on actions to support nations in conflict, underlining the crucial role of transatlantic cooperation in maintaining global order and defending democratic values.

With information from TASS


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