Clearly the train crash at the San Martin Railway that left a hundred workers and users injured is fundamentally due to the disinvestment and adjustment of the State. These trains, as is known, depend on the government. That is why he is responsible. With the excuse of zero deficit, practically all infrastructure work has been paralyzed for months and it has laid off more than 100 workers from Trenes Argentinos Adif and thousands of UOCRA workers who were carrying out the works and in the area where the accident occurred. Even more so, the signs in the sector had not been working for more than 10 days due to lack of maintenance. In its privatization desire, the government has committed a criminal act.

The railway service has been deteriorating for years, offering worse train service to the user, increasingly higher rates and poor working conditions. Since the Milei government took office, this adjustment took a leap, reducing trains by more than 25% in a clear attempt to carry out the announced privatizations.

The Fraternity union denounced all these attacks on railway workers and users. However, to date, they have not faced a fighting plan to prevent this scrapping.

The reality is that with the adjustment and privatization they are preparing true tragedies like that of Once. We have to face them now. Let’s prevent it with a strike and mobilization when the Bases Law is discussed in the Senate that includes the privatization of state trains.

We also know that these officials are not going to do more than adjust and defund the FFCC. That is why today more than ever it is essential to put railway services under the control of workers and popular users.

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