The AEX price continues to rise and is once again at an all-time high. While most analysts called for price falls for the Amsterdam stock exchange index after reaching price records, the AEX does not care about this. At the time of writing, the AEX clocked in at 909.91 points.

Hourly chart AEX. Source: Tradingview

Why does the AEX perform so well?

In contrast to the United States, inflation in the Eurozone appears to be a lot less problematic at the moment. For this reason, there is currently intense speculation about the first interest rate cut by the European Central Bank (ECB), which could possibly take place as early as next week.

Pablo Hernández de Cos, an important member of the ECB, gave a cautious confirmation of the first interest rate cut in June earlier this week. Although Robert Holzmann did not want to go too fast right away.

He indicated that there is no reason to reduce interest rates too quickly in the coming period. However, it seems clear that the ECB will soon cut interest rates, while the US central bank still has to be cautious.

Inflation there rose sharply in the first quarter of 2024, making the ECB likely to be the first of the two to cut interest rates. This may be the reason for the good performance of the AEX price and the overall European market.

In addition to the AEX, gold is also popular

In addition to the AEX price, gold is also doing fantastic again today. After a short break, the shiny precious metal seems to be resuming its bull run and the gold bugs can cautiously look at the all-time highs again.

After a short period of declines from the all-time high of over $ 2,400, the gold price is now back at $ 2,376. This means that the market still seems more than interested in “safe havens”, which is the category that gold falls into for many investors.

What do you think? Will gold soon set a new all-time high? And what does that mean for the Bitcoin price?

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